Fairphone gets very warm during calls

Hi, just got my fairphone from the 2nd batch this week and so far I’m happy with it. The only thing that bothers me is that the front panel gets rather hot as soon as I start a call (you can really feel it at the ear while talking). Anyone else encountered this problem or is this normal?

For how long do you talk normally?

I experienced this on other phones too, so I couldn’t say that this is a FP specific issue.

All my calls were rather short (maybe 5-10min). But the warming up starts pretty quick after starting a call

My FP also gets warm when I surf the internet through my mobile data connection. But if it really would get too hot, it would start to beep and ask you to turn it off. I experienced this once while using navigation and GPS in a car with direct sunlight on the FP.

If health issues are a concern to you, I would suggest to use a bluetooth headset for phone calls. :thumbsup:

Well it’s by far not that bad that you can’t touch it any more. Just wanted to check that the device is alright, because my old iPhone never had that behaviour. Anyway - maybe I’ll be happy in winter to have a possibility to warm my ears :slight_smile:

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It’s quite normal for a phone to get a bit warm. Let’s say before your phone call you were surfing the internet as well, than yes, an extra process can heat things up :slight_smile: However, it can not be so hot that it gets uncomfortable or annoying. If that happens, something is wrong, just so you know.

I have been using my new fairphone for about a week now and have realised how hot it gets during calls and internet usage. It’s very warm up near the camera on the back.

Yes me too, same remark. It is suprisingly warm when talking on the phone. Not usual.

Probably it’s FP’s metal casing which conducts the heat remarkably well. I would even say it’s a good thing since the heat is not closed in in the inside of the phone.


I have purchased my phone in December 2014 and have noticed that the phone gets very warm at the top after a few minutes of a phone call. After a few additional minutes it gets really uncomfortable so that I need to switch ears.
Anyone else having similar issues? Could it be a problem with the hardware?


I have the same problem several times in a day, it really bothers…

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As I wrote last August I have the same problem - but the phone doesn’t get unconformtable warm. I learned to live with that. For me I switch off all unused apps regularly - then the phone gets less warm during calls…

If this may ‘comfort’ anyone. I’ve used an iPhone and iPod and they get warm as well. My iPod got warm when I was doing things like browsing Facebook, while playing music and having a game open as well. The iPhone I’ve used got warm while doing things like watching YouTube videos.

It’s just a physical thing: conductors get warm when being used. As long as it’s nothing uncomfortable I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.

Hi all,
Sorry to revive this old topic, but I gave my old FP1 to my mum and she complained about the phone getting hot during calls. I already guessed this can be expected to some extent, but she finds it uncomfortable.

After a long call (she thought after about 30 mins) the phone even gave a warning that it was getting to hot. Particularly this (getting so hot that it leads to a warning) isn’t normal, right?

Is there anything else to do about the hot calls, except for regularly closing apps?

Are you sure it’s the phone that gets hot ? Because of thermal inertia it should take a while before heat generated inside the phone creeps out. And I am not joking here: I can feel my ear and the area around heating up when I am using a mobile phone (not just my FP2) because of the microwave radiation. This is particularly obvious in weak signal areas where the transmitter in the phone goes full power.

Simply closing apps is not a solution here (on the contrary it is even better to not close apps, or only when they behave unexpectedly. more info)

You might have a wakelock, but I think it’s not probable because the phone only heats up when your mother is talking on the phone.

I first thought about opening the phone up and clearing it of any dust, but this article suggests that you take off covers from your phone, if you have any.

I also had this problem. The FP1 was getting very warm around the camera area and the battery drained quickly, not just during calls but all the time. For me the solution was to do a factory reset. It’s working fine again now.

My mum doesn’t have a cover. So I guess I’ll have to disassemble to check for dust etc :confused:
Factory reset was done just before I gave her my phone.