Fairphone frozen in opening screen


My fairphone 4 is stuck with the 4 blue dots rotating when trying to start the phone. So faar I’ve tried removing the simcards, tried to connect it with a computer, cahrged it over night and the tried again. It didnt happen during update or so…

Can i get past this somehow or what should i do?


Hi and welcome to the community and the forum.

Two things I advise you to do, to begin with:

  1. Contact official Fairphone Support: https://support.fairphone.com
  2. Check out the Fairphone angels map to see if there’s one near you. Even if they are not able to find a solution, they may be of help carrying out any instructions from Fairphone support.

It sounds to me as though the phone is stuck in what’s called a “bootloop”. If this is the case, you can try this sequence of actions:

  1. Connect the phone to a computer with USB (just connect the cable for power).
  2. Hold the Volume down and the Power buttons.
  3. As soon as the screen turns black, release the Power button, but keep holding Volume down.

With a bit of luck, your phone will enter Fastboot mode.
From there, use the Volume down or Volume up buttons to choose the option “START” in green at the top of the screen. Press the Power button to select. The phone should boot into Android.

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