Fairphone freezing at start or rebooting

I have this fairphone for more than 2 years i think. Recently i change my operator and so my SIM card.

It has worked fine for 1 month and very often i have my fairtphone rebooting or freezing.
When i remove my SIM i find that it works better but not perfectly with freezes and rebooting also…
What are my options ?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

  • Ensure the SIM fits nicely as if it bends a bit you will have poor contacts

I think no FP used for more than 2 years has 5G…

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Hi Amon
Thank you. Clearly it is not a matter of SIM as without the SIM the Fairphone starts but freezes around 1 min later …
i have done a Factory reset but with no luck.
I don’t know what to do ? is there somewhere i can make it repair (I live in Lyon) ?

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There are fairphoneangel around and about that may be able to help, but the next options you have are

  • try a safe mode start
  • a dismantle and clean
  • a factory reset

Geneva and Grenoble seem the closest

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Thank you.
I have tried safe mode and factory reset already with no luck.
I have also encoutered some kind of continuous “vibrating” battery that does not stop unless i remove the battery

How to dismantle and clean it ?
How to contact fairtphone angels ?

Use this guide for demontage Fairphone 3.
Connectors are often cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or nay pure spirit around 90 %.
Ensure you tighten the screws evenly before you give them the last tighten, and not too tight.
You may also check the stainless springs on the core module and their contacts on the display.

A list with Fairphone Angels.


I had totally forgot that my fairphone was under 2 years warranty.
I have contacted the support. :sweat_smile: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you all for the support :slight_smile:
I will keep you updated

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no news from the support for 2 weeks.
I don’t know what to do more :thinking:
any ideas ?

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