Fairphone FP1 display doesn't recognise touch anymore

Dear all,

I’ve suddenly run into the problem that the display doesn’t recognise touch input anymore.

Upon boot, I end up at the point at which the phone asks me to enter my PIN but since my input is not being recognised by the display, I can’t proceed.

Physically the display doesn’t show any damages.

  • Has anyone had a similar problem?
  • Does that mean that my display is broken?
  • How can I repair it?



Many many people.

Do the #touchscreentest to make sure.

If it’s really broken and you still have warranty send the result of the touchscreentest to support to get it replaced. Otherwise you’ll need to buy a new display and use the ifixit guide to replace it yourself or take it to a repair shop.

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Thank you very much Paul!

I used factory mode to identify the following:

  • Touch Panel > Calibration not functional
  • RTP Linearity ok
  • RTP Accuracy ok
  • Sensitivity ok
  • Deadzone ok
  • FreeMode ok

I will file a support ticket.


I don’t know exactly what you did but results of the touchscreentest usually look kinda like this:

From the Wiki:

Press power to select CTP Test.

I don’t have this entry but only Calibration, RTP, Sensitivity, Deadzone, FreeMode, Test Pass, Test Fail.

Sorry for the late reply. I just tested (I’ve never been in testing mode myself before.) I don’t have the english translations in brackets besides the mandarin characters, but by pressing the volume buttons and power button exactly as described in the wiki I can navigate to the touchscreen test and back to reboot.
You probably ended up in the wrong menu somehow…

Hi Paul,

Do you also have the FP1U model?

Other than that, I don’t know why I don’t have the “CTP” entry.


I do have FP1U, but I forgot to mention that I’m running the beta version of the new Android 4.4 update. That’s why I don’t have the english translations, but the menu is otherwise the same as described in the wiki.

Strange. I will mention this to the support and wait for the reply.

Thanks so far, Paul!

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