Fairphone earbuds receive radio signal when disconnected

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I bought Fairphone Earbuds a few weeks ago and was able to connect them to my Fairphone 3 and to my laptop (HP Pavilion, Windows 10). The problem I met is that when I want to connect my earbuds to my computer, I do it by disconnecting them from my phone (by turning off the bluetooth of my fairphone) and connecting them to my laptop by turning on its bluetooth. What happens is that after I turn off the bluetooth of my phone, my earbuds begin receiving radio signals, and when they do I can’t connect them to either my computer or my phone. The only way to turn off the signal is to put the earbuds back in their case, but as soon as I take them off, they receive radio signal again and I have a hard time trying to connect them to anything.

Is there a way to prevent the earbuds to capt the radio (that I never want to hear, so if I can definitively turn off the option to listen to radio it’s not a problem) ?

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Thibaut Evrard

Looks like someone’s radio receiver has an active Bluetooth transmitter which connects to your headphones when your own devices don’t do it faster.

I find this behaviour quite odd. Normally, you have to explicitly activate the “pairing” mode to pair new headphones. Maybe the “pairing” mode was activated when your headphones were on but not connected.

My advice: Find the radio receiver and, if applicable, the Bluetooth transmitter. It can be in your household, but also in your neighbour’s. And it could also be a TV or a satellite/cable box which is in radio mode. Delete the paired headphones there or activate the “pairing” mode. Pair them with the headphones you/they want for radio listening. If no headphones are to be paired, turn Bluetooth off.


Quite possibly a neighbour who paired a device with them by accident. Whatever the origin, it’s best to delete the pairings (on the earbud side) and start afresh.

To do this (taken from the support page)


To clear the pairing records or reset your earbuds:

  • Put both earbuds back into the charging case
  • Keep the cover open
  • Push and hold the button on the bottom side until the LED lights blink ten times.

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Hello, thank you for your answers !
I tried unpairing them and it looks like it worked. I don’t think the radio signal came from my house but if it happens again, I will knock at my neighbours’ and ask them to unpair their device with my earbuds. At the moment the problem seems to be fixed.

Thank you again !



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