Fairphone does not vibrate for incoming calls anymore

My Fairphone 2 (running the latest version at the time of writing if Fairphone Open OS) does not vibrate for incoming phone calls anymore. Vibration works normally in general, I just don’t get a vibration when someone calls me. This is onviously very annoying - I can’t have my phone on not silent all the time (I should note that I don’t get a vibration even when my phone rings for a call and also it vibrates for WhatsApp calls).

I’ve tried the usual suspects - made sure my phone is on vibrate and not Do not Disturb, made sure that “Also vibrate for calls” is turned on and that the call app is allowed to send me notifications (there doesn’t even seem to be an option to block this). Any help would be appreciated.

If I remember correctly this behaviour can be seen when the phone is in energy saving mode which it usually does automatically if the battery gauge falls below 15% or if you switch on the energy saving mode manually. So you could check if that is the problem with your phone.

It’s definitely not that, however I did just get a call and my phone vibrated. Possibly it’s just not very strong so I don’t feel it, but I tested it before by calling myself and it failed to vibrate. Strange…

Artficial intelligence, I guess… The phone recognized you were callsing yourself, assumed you were aware of doing that and thus decided to not vibrate. :wink:

No kdding: could it be related to some do-not-disturb setting / mode / profile?

I assume it must be, but having a hard time figuring out what happened. Fingers crossed it just doesn’t occur again!

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