Fairphone crunched in accident

Hello FP community,

my question is very simple, however I fail to get an answer on the websites here
and FP support.

The phone is broken, but can surely be repaired. Where can I send it to to get it repaired? Is there even an “official” repair service? As i understand it is an essential feature of this phone that it is easy to repair and every part
can be exchanged.

Kind Regards

What is broken? If you can figure out the damaged parts yourself, you can just order and replace the damaged parts. If unsure, maybe a picture could tell a story :wink:

Hey, I found this article on the support pages by entering “repair” in the search bar on support.fairphone.com: https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201319713

Can you tell us, why you had troubles finding it? Maybe they can improve the search process if you share why you couldn’t find it. :slight_smile:

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