Fairphone crashed, nothing works, not even recovery

Nothing works anymore,
Tried restore factory settings. Turned it on and installation wizards aborted.
Tried a stock rom (zip) on a SD cards. Can’t find the zip file even though I see the storage.
ADB sideload won’t work. The zip is sent to the Phone but installation aborted
Anyone as any ideas?

Have you tried clearing cache and data in recovery?

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Yes, did both of them. Nothing helps

I lost my faith in Fairphone. I have a FP1 and my wife a FP2.
My FP1 crashed as mentioned. I want to fix it or get some help from Fairphone as a company but the don’t react. The only thing they sent me back is there are no spareparts and there is no way they can help. I thought it was a sustainable phone made to repair so it is more durable. No way so I discoverd.
I had the phone for private and buisiness. Now I have to buy a new one. It will not be a FP anymore because of the reliability of the firm Fairphone.

My sugestion would be if there are no possibilities of spareparts a discount on a new model. I sugested this option but didn’t get any reaction.

So farewell Fairphone

I just want to add that you are not alone here (as this forum makes evident), and I am one of many others struggling with the same. One of the main reasons why I literally bought into FP was the ability to extend of the life of my phone, by being able to repair it with spare parts as needed. Unfortunately, since FP has decided not to provide parts for FP1/U anymore, we seem to be stuck. I love your idea of sending in a broken FP1 for a discount on FP2 though! This company should reward us early adopters.

I have not given up all hope yet… but am close. You wouldn’t happen to have a spare FP1 screen I could make a deal with you on?

FP has not decided to stop providing us with spare parts, the manufacturers don’t want to produce spare parts in such low quantities. This is still a capitalist system after all.

We have a #market category where you sometimes can find spare parts. (Or whole FP1s.)

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I know FairPhone didn’t stop producing but they did stop with service…
I have a phone for business and private which I can not repair for 1,5 month now. FairPhone doesn’t answer me with something they can do. They feel sorry is their only suggestion.

I also have a problem with my wife’s FP2. It will probaly guarantee but I will sell the FP2 because I loose my faith in the FairPhone company.

@bente, sent me a email. Probaly we can arrange something. The screen is fine of the phone.

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