Fairphone contact page not working? + the intended message

Hello, I am having trouble using the form on your contact page to submit a message. It constantly tells me to try later or try another method of contacting the administrator.

So here I am, trying to contact someone about it. It might of course be my own fault, using various privacy conserving and security enhancing plugins such as NoScript and RequestPolicy for Firefox, but I think you might want to check it out anyway.

And so I don’t forget and while it’s in my copy+paste clipboard, I’ll post the message I intended to send you here:

Firstly, I’m active in the Umeå Hackerspace in Sweden. So I enjoy the openness of the Fairphone. :slight_smile:
I discovered your “local recycling list” and thought it could very well also list hackerspaces locally in the countries. Hackerspaces tend to be resourceful and rather reuse than recycle whatever technology is handed in (or just help the users make their phones breath new life).
However it’s probably a lot of work to look up all countries’ hackerspaces - so maybe just a link to the continously updated “official” hackerspace map as a way for readers to find a local one for themselves could help: http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/List_of_Hacker_Spaces
Btw, the entry for Sweden lists “Stockholm Stad” as the only recycling point, which is a link to the capital’s municipality recycling center. Not very useful for anyone living outside of the capital. However I don’t know of any generic recycling link for Swedish citizens, so I can’t really suggest an improvement for that :slight_smile:
Lastly, if it’s possible, we’d be happy to be listed in the Sweden “recycle” column with a link to our the Umeå Hackerspace “about” page where there’s info on how to contact and find us: http://umeahackerspace.se/about/

This should probably be answered by @Marco, please.