Fairphone compatibility with Canadian GSM network?

Aside my own FP, as I see there are some left I’m considering offering one to my son located in Canada.

My question is: where to check the GSM/data networks over there are compatible with the FP hardware?

I ask this because some years ago I got the issue with an European brand not compatible with Japanese networks, for instance…

Hi @Herve5,

here you can find the supported frequencies in Canada.

Here you can find the frequencies supported by the Fairphone.



Thanks Stojmas!
After discussing with my son it seems he may be able to operate the FP only in GSM not 3G for now. Maybe he’ll try anyhow, relying on wifi spots -in any case all my hopes are on the next FP model (“invade America!” :wink: )
Thanks again,

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Hi @Herve5, I’m in Canada and can tell you that Edge works with Rogers and Fido. Both are GSM. Fido is generally cheaper, but it is a very basic and antiquated carrier. 3G does not work on any Canadian carrier. In the USA the situation is similar. You can get 2G/Edge with T-Mobile, but no 3G. I can tell you that trying to use 2G or Edge to use a map or browse the web is maddeningly slow. So I would suggest waiting, as it will become frustrating for your son. I wish I had known this, as I would not have bought this phone for myself if I had known. For now I’m waiting for my mom to buy her new iPhone so I can use her old one. It’s my way of recycling :wink:

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