🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Fairphone Community Aachen

Lots of conversation with people interested in buying and with local press even before the official starting time … what followed was quite an exhausting afternoon. I’m out of FP3 promo cards, out of FP3 promo leaflets and nearly out of a voice. I think I easily poured 6 litres of tea and water into my throat today (so far).

The FP3 was met with general acclaim, people who took photos liked them and to my great astonishment, several of them lauded how the FP3 (187 grams) was so nicely lighter than both the FP2 (164 grams) and the FP1 (170 grams) … :thinking:

Now apart from the above FP3 shot (cropped) of a Fairphone(r ) 1 and a Fairphone(r ) 2 I’m also adding a shot (unedited) in bad light below. While it doesn’t hide the simple fact that it’s dark, I think it still impresses me how much detail it still captures. :slight_smile: Simply speaking, both photos were taken from almost the same photographer position, just – you guess it – once with the sun in the photographer’s back (1st shot), the other time in the face.

:de: UPDATE 04.09.2019: Lokalberichterstattung nicht nur über die Aachener Fairtrade Messe als ganzes, sondern auch inklusive einiger Zeilen zum Stand der Fairphone Community Aachen (vierter Absatz) :slight_smile: … und im Foto über dem Artikel: eine frischgebackene Aachener Fairphoner*innenfamilie! :smiley:


:gb: My translation of the Fairphone paragraph [in the article linked to right above]:

A big crowd can also be found at Urs Lesse’s booth. While he does not sell anything, he’s part of the Aachen Fairphone Community. Since 2013, the Dutch company offers a smartphone consisting of fairtraded materials. Especially tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold were often sourced from conflict zones. Besides, the[se] smartphones can – in contrast to others – be repaired by the user him/herself. Urs Lesse periodically offers events to give those interested the opportunity to get to know this sustainable smartphone.

UPDATE 11 October 2019: A short video summary from the 31 August Fair has now been produced (a blue Fairphone shirt briefly shows up at the 0:34 and 0:40 marks):