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Jüngstes zurückliegendes Treffen / Most recent meetup

Fairphone Community Aachen

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:de:  Seit unserem ersten Treffen im Jahr 2015 bieten wir offene Stammtische ohne feste Tagesordnung: Zum Austausch von Fairphone-Nutzer*innen untereinander als auch als unverbindliche Gelegenheit (wir verkaufen garantiert nichts! :wink: ) für alle Interessierten ohne Fairphone, sich nicht nur über Fairphone zu informieren, sondern das Fairphone auch mal selbst in die Hand nehmen und ausprobieren zu können. Alle, die sich für Fairphone interessieren, sind also willkommen – egal, ob Fairphone-Nutzer*in oder nicht. Eines erwarten wir allerdings: Neugier auf Fairphone!

Unsere Gruppe hier im Forum

Wer dabei bleiben möchte, ist eingeladen, sich hier im Fairphone Community Forum anzumelden (“Sign Up” oben) und auch in unserer internen, 40-köpfigen Gruppe auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben.

Bitte beachtet: Wir sind keine Fairphone Angels. Für offizielle Unterstützung konsultiert bitte Fairphones Kundendienst. Informeller, aber oft schneller geht’s per Hilfeanfrage hier im Forum – stellt sich dort heraus, dass wir in Aachen helfen können, schauen wir uns das gerne mal an.

:gb:  Having met for the first time in the year 2015, we do without formal agendas for our meetups, allowing everyone with an interest in the Fairphone to join us without any obligations – regardless of whether you own a Fairphone or not. We do set one requirement though: Bring some curiousity!

Feel free to sign up at this forum and contact me (would be great if any Euregio neighbours would get in touch, too). We also run an internal, 40-Fairphoners-strong group in this forum.

Please note: We are no Fairphone Angels. For official support please consult Fairphone Support. Informal yet often quicker help may be found through a help request in this forum. If the latter suggests we can help in Aachen, we might have a look at it.

Rückblick | Timeline

Gründungsaufruf 2015 | 2015 founding call

Hi Fairphoners in and around Aachen!

…and everyone in the Euregio Maas-Rhine who wants to join us :relaxed:
We are currently scheduling a casual pub meeting in Aachen the coming month (September). There will be no particular agenda and we have no plans so far to formalize this, it’s primarily about getting in touch, but if we can help with any issues with your Fairphone, we might have a look at it as well, of course (no miracles promised :slight_smile: ).

While the exact date and location in downtown Aachen is not decided upon yet, I would like to encourage everyone interested to contact me here or email urs.lesse[at]gmx•de for further information (I will send you a doodle link for exact scheduling).
As soon as we have figured out the best date, I will update everyone here about the exact details of when and where. But until then, don’t forget to let me know you are interested :slight_smile:
P.S.: I speak German and English only, sorry!

Unsere Treffen | Our meetups
Date Venue Part.
17/09/2015 Last Exit 6
17/11/2015 Insel Rhodos 7
17/02/2016 Insel Rhodos 9
02/11/2016 Insel Rhodos 13
03/02/2017 Insel Rhodos 11+2
13/05/2017 Magellan 3
22/09/2017 Welthaus Aachen 15
24/11/2017 Auf der Hörn 9
23/02/2018 Magellan 9
24/05/2018 Pfannenzauber 13+1
04/09/2018 Pfannenzauber 18+3
27/11/2018 Pfannenzauber 8
05/02/2019 Pfannenzauber 10
04/06/2019 Pfannenzauber 5
17/09/2019 Pfannenzauber 7+3
28/04/2020 Video meetup 10
06/07/2020 Video meetup 9+2
08/04/2021 Video meetup 9
10/05/2021 Video meetup 6
10/06/2021 Video meetup 5
10/07/2021 Video meetup 4
10/08/2021 Video meetup 3
10/09/2021 Pfannenzauber 9
10/10/2021 Video meetup 4
11/11/2021 Pfannenzauber 6
10/12/2021 Video meetup 5
10/01/2022 Video meetup 7
10/02/2022 Video meetup 8
10/03/2022 Pfannenzauber 6
10/04/2022 Video meetup 4
10/05/2022 Video meetup 3
10/06/2022 Pfannenzauber 13
10/07/2022 Video meetup 4
12/08/2022 Pfannenzauber 6
10/10/2022 Video meetup 3
10/11/2022 Auf der Hörn 6
08/12/2022 Aposto 6
10/12/2022 Video meetup 2
10/01/2023 Kaiserwetter Karree 7
10/03/2023 Kaiserwetter Karree 4
10/05/2023 Kaiserwetter Karree 6
10/07/2023 Kaiserwetter Karree 6
11/09/2023 Kaiserwetter Karree 14
10/10/2023 Kaiserwetter Karree 5
13/11/2023 Kaiserwetter Karree 3
09/12/2023 Haarener Adventsmarkt 6+2
10/01/2024 Kaiserwetter Karree 5
12/03/2024 Kaiserwetter Karree 5
15/05/2024 Kaiserwetter Karree 3
Andere Veranstaltungen | Other events
Date Event
22/05/2019 Movie showing “Zeit für Utopien”
31/08/2019 1. Aachener Fairtrade-Messe
04/12/2019 Movie showing “Zeit für Utopien”
19/09/2020 2. Aachener Fairtrade-Messe
10/09/2022 4. Aachener Fairtrade-Messe
19/08/2023 5. Aachener Fairtrade-Messe
24/08/2024 6. Aachener Fairtrade-Messe


Date and venue are set now. We will meet

THURSDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER at 8.00 pm (20.00 h) at
"Last Exit", Krakaustr. 1, 52064 Aachen

Everybody welcome: Fairphone owners, buyers and of course everyone who’s just interested and curious! :relaxed:

If you are on Facebook, feel free to show your support at


schöne Idee! Um wieviel Uhr ist das Treffen?


Hallo Simone,

danke für deine Rückmeldung und den sehr hilfreichen Hinweis auf die entscheidende Lücke in meiner Ankündigung, die ich jetzt auch geschlossen habe. :blush:



Kannst du den Link auch in den ersten Post geben, damit man ihn sofort findet? :slight_smile:

One week to go! :blush:

I’m quite optimistic we’ll be half a dozen, and a few have shown strong interest as well, but cannot make it that day.


A really nice meet-up which actually happened to attract a complete “Fairphone virgin” (pondering whether he should buy the Fairphone 2 and pushing for alternative OS options there) as well. Hopefully another meet-up will follow, we have roughly eyed November for that. If you still want to join us, just let me know here.

Thanks a lot to @anon90052001 and the Gang in Amsterdam for generously providing us with the appropriate equipment (I’m talking gear, not beer!)


Nice picture! It seems that you were having fun! :smiley:

Der zweite Aachener Fairphone-Stammtisch soll im NOVEMBER stattfinden :slight_smile: Wer Interesse hat, zu kommen, ist herzlich eingeladen, sich bei mir per persönlicher MESSAGE zu melden. Ich lasse Euch dann den Link zur Doodle-Terminumfrage zukommen – so können alle Interessierten an der Terminfindung mitwirken.

We are eyeing a second meeting this NOVEMBER :slight_smile: If you are interested, just send me a private MESSAGE here to get a doodle poll link so you can take part in the scheduling.


:de: Einladung! :smile:

Der 2. Aachener Fairphone-Stammtisch findet nun genau zwei Monate nach dem Auftakt statt, also am Dienstag, 17. November um 20.00 Uhr im Restaurant Insel Rhodos. Wir freuen uns auf alle Interessierten – egal, ob schon “versorgt” mit einem Fairphone, noch sehnsüchtig auf das FP2 wartend oder auch noch gänzlich unentschieden und einfach nur neugierig!

:gb: Invitation! :smile:

Our 2nd Aachen Fairphone meet-up will take place exactly two months after the initial one: Tuesday, 17 November at 8 pm at restaurant Insel Rhodos We are looking forward to meet you regardless of whether you already own a Fairphone, are waiting impatiently for your FP2 or are still undecided and/or just curious!


Since the date got set, I added it to the List of upcoming community meetups/events. :slight_smile:


Aachener Nachrichten 16/11/2015

Taken with my Fairphone. :sunglasses:


I wish you a nice evening! :smiley: #WeAreFairphone

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So how did it go? Can we see pictures? :smiley:

PS: I just now saw that you had posted a pic with a newspaper article. Which newspaper is it, and did people contact you / go to the meetup because of it? :slight_smile:

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I have to confess I did not think of taking a photo this time. :fearful:

We were seven this time (= everyone who had indicated in advance to turn up). Three “returns” from the first meetup, four people who were there for the first time. No unexpected visitor this time, so the newspaper paragraph (see further above) did not trigger any spontaneous “additions”.

I had only sent a brief email to Aachen’s two newspapers three days prior (saturday -> tuesday) to our meetup. To my surprise, the one paper (Aachener Nachrichten) which picked it up actually doubled the length of my text suggestion. Expecting I would be lucky to even just get it included in the telegram-style events list I had not included the bits about what Fairphone is actually about, so someone at the paper must have added or even researched it. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering where to go from here. Not sure whether it makes sense to leave our meetups without any agenda at all. But don’t worry, it’s not that which keeps me sleepless and write this at 4 am, but the stormy night here in our three country corner :wink:


Now that the first FP2s are gradually hitting Aachen, we are scheduling our third pub meeting, our first in the year 2016.

Anyone who wants to join us and vote in the scheduling (and hasn’t received my doodle link yet) please PM me here :slight_smile: Of course, I will inform everyone here once a date and venue has been settled for.

:de: Da nun die ersten FP2s in und um Aachen eintrudeln, machen wir uns daran, einen Termin für unser drittes Treffen zu finden. Wer dabei sein und abstimmen möchte über den Termin (und von mir nicht schon mit einem entsprechenden Link beschickt worden ist), setze sich bitte mit mir hier über PM in Verbindung. :slight_smile: Ich schicke Euch dann so bald wie möglich einen doodle-Link zu.

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Be sure to add the date to the List of upcoming community meetups, as soon as it is settled! :slight_smile:

:de: Auf ein Neues!

Der inzwischen 3. Aachener Fairphone-Stammtisch findet erneut an einem Siebzehnten :wink: statt. Genau drei Monate nach unserem letzten Treffen kommen wir wieder zusammen am

Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016 um 20.00 Uhr
im Restaurant Insel Rhodos, Jakobstraße 99-101, 52064 Aachen
(150 m östlich vom Bahnhof Aachen-Schanz)

Weiterhin freuen wir uns über alle Interessierten – egal, ob schon “versorgt” mit
einem Fairphone 1 oder 2, gerade noch ungeduldigend wartend oder auch noch
gänzlich unentschieden und einfach nur neugierig! Herzlich willkommen! :smile:


:gb: Come together!

Our 3nd Aachen Fairphone meet-up will take place exactly three months after the November one:

Tuesday, 17 February 2016 at 8 pm
at restaurant Insel Rhodos
(150 metres to the east from Aachen-Schanz train station)

We are looking forward to meet you regardless of whether you already
own a Fairphone 1 or a Fairphone 2, are waiting impatiently for your FP2 or are still
undecided and/or just curious! Welcome!


Ich habe es mal in meinen FP Kalender eingetragen:=)

Ich bin auch dabei. Habe mir den Tag freigenommen und werde wohl bereits ab Mittag bzw. frühen Nachmittag die Zeit in Aachen verbringen.

Als FB-Verweigerer kann ich mich natürlich nicht beim verlinkten Event eintragen :wink: