🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Fairphone Community Aachen 10.1.2024 Aachener Fairphone-Stammtisch :community_round:

Schade dass die Vorführung in der Woche war. Am kommenden We bin ich tatsächlich in Aachen und wäre sehr gern vorbeigekommen.

:de: 14. Aachener Fairphone-Stammtisch 4. Juni 2019

  • Dienstag, 4. Juni 2019 um 19.00 Uhr, im Veganen Kulturrestaurant
  • PZ – Pfannenzauber | Suermondtplatz 12 | 52062 Aachen | 0241.9610569
  • Bahnhof: Aachen Hbf | Bushaltestelle: Theater oder Elisenbrunnen

:gb: Fairphone Community Aachen quarterly meetup 4 June 2019

  • Tuesday, 4 June 2019 at 1900h, Vegan Restaurant
    *PZ – Pfannenzauber | Suermondtplatz 12 | 52062 Aachen | +49.241.9610569
  • Train station: Aachen Hauptbahnhof | Bus stop: Theater + Elisenbrunnen


Aachener Zeitung/Nachrichten, 24.05.2019, S. 19 | Bad Aachen Stadtmagazin, S. 42 | Klenkes Stadtmagazin S. 47 | 100’5 Das Hitradio


Simon und ich können leider schon wieder nicht, weil wir ausgerechnet an dem Abend eine Veranstaltung haben, für die wir schon Tickets hatten. Hoffentlich klappt’s beim nächsten Mal! Viel Spaß Euch allen!

Gruß Caro

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:de: Wir sind hier! Beide per Rad aus Vaals (li.) und von der Vaalser Straße (re.).
:gb: Early birds from Vaals :netherlands: and Vaalser Street :de:

Unfortunately we had the (numerically) poorest attendance in two years. A severe weather warning that stretched from an hour prior to four hours past the meetup might not have helped.

We were just five tonight, and yet I think it was a very nice evening with some heavy duty repair jobs done. A first-time meetup attendant had already announced his FP1 repair needs in advance, and after some initial checking, I replaced his motherboard. The new motherboard has quite a journey behind it now: After its “first life”, it was implanted into an :austria: Austrian Fairphoner’s FP1U last year by the Rt. Hon. Colleague from Vienna, Herr @Stefan Brand, travelled to :belgium: Liège (right in Aachen’s neighbourhood) with its new user a little while later and reached :de: Aachen just two weeks ago when the display it was screwed onto was hopelessly splintered. To avoid risky repairs, I replaced the whole phone (then) and was glad I had kept the damaged one when I got the latest repair request this weekend – from our aforementioned, second-hand FP1U owner in nearby Raeren :belgium: So the motherboard is doing its duty in the third FP1U from tonight. :smiley:

Apart from that, I demonstrated the mighty abilities of TWRP to the two other FP2 owners, explaining how you can store a total of six or seven current OSes on your SD card, allowing you to switch between them within just 10-15 minutes without any need to hook it to a computer (well, at least not after the very first installation). Oh, and we fastened the screws of an unreliable 12 MP camera module – for now. Let’s see if the tightening helps in the long run.

Anyway, while attendance was lacking, it was an all enjoyable and packed night with literally no breaks for the host. Oh, and I even got home before the long expected severe weather (in fact, I got to view some intimidating lightning from the top of the final hill before home, but really severe weather still has to materialize as I’m writing this :wink: ).

P.S.: This was the first Fairphone Community Aachen meetup with its new very own Community FP2. Thanks to the magnanimous-beyond-all-means donation by @jmcornel, our community is from now on permanently equipped with a used and (with the sole exception of SIM connectivity) fully functional CFP2 that celebrated its premiere in last month’s Zeit für Utopien movie showing. Now feel free to give Jessica a load of likes, please!



:de: Die Fairphone Community Aachen ist dabei, wenn am Samstag, 31. August in der Aula Carolina in der Pontstraße 7 (Nähe Markt) die 1. Aachener Fairtrade-Messe stattfindet. Von 11 bis 18 Uhr wird ein kleiner (ehrenamtlicher) Fairphone-Stand allen Fairphone-Interessierten für Fragen bereitstehen. Sowohl das Fairphone 1 als auch das Fairphone 2 können “aus erster Hand” begutachtet werden :slight_smile: | Zur Facebook-Veranstaltung

:gb: Fairphone Community Aachen will join the first-ever Aachen Fairtrade Fair on saturday, 31 August in the Aula Carolina at Pontstraße 7 (near Market Place / Town Hall). A small (volunteer) Fairphone booth will stand by for questions from all those interested in Fairphone. Both the Fairphone 1 and the Fairphone 2 will also be there for a first-hand experience :slight_smile: | Facebook event


Lots of conversation with people interested in buying and with local press even before the official starting time … what followed was quite an exhausting afternoon. I’m out of FP3 promo cards, out of FP3 promo leaflets and nearly out of a voice. I think I easily poured 6 litres of tea and water into my throat today (so far).

The FP3 was met with general acclaim, people who took photos liked them and to my great astonishment, several of them lauded how the FP3 (187 grams) was so nicely lighter than both the FP2 (164 grams) and the FP1 (170 grams) … :thinking:

Now apart from the above FP3 shot (cropped) of a Fairphone(r ) 1 and a Fairphone(r ) 2 I’m also adding a shot (unedited) in bad light below. While it doesn’t hide the simple fact that it’s dark, I think it still impresses me how much detail it still captures. :slight_smile: Simply speaking, both photos were taken from almost the same photographer position, just – you guess it – once with the sun in the photographer’s back (1st shot), the other time in the face.

:de: UPDATE 04.09.2019: Lokalberichterstattung nicht nur über die Aachener Fairtrade Messe als ganzes, sondern auch inklusive einiger Zeilen zum Stand der Fairphone Community Aachen (vierter Absatz) :slight_smile: … und im Foto über dem Artikel: eine frischgebackene Aachener Fairphoner*innenfamilie! :smiley:

:gb: My translation of the Fairphone paragraph [in the article linked to right above]:

A big crowd can also be found at Urs Lesse’s booth. While he does not sell anything, he’s part of the Aachen Fairphone Community. Since 2013, the Dutch company offers a smartphone consisting of fairtraded materials. Especially tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold were often sourced from conflict zones. Besides, the[se] smartphones can – in contrast to others – be repaired by the user him/herself. Urs Lesse periodically offers events to give those interested the opportunity to get to know this sustainable smartphone.

UPDATE 11 October 2019: A short video summary from the 31 August Fair has now been produced (a blue Fairphone shirt briefly shows up at the 0:34 and 0:40 marks):


:de: 17. September 2019: 15. Aachener Fairphone-Stammtisch

Mit zahlreichen Preisen wie dem Deutschen Umweltpreis ausgezeichnet, produziert Fairphone das am fairsten produzierte und nachhaltigste Smartphone auf dem Markt. Zudem ist es modular aufgebaut und spielend leicht reparierbar. Beim vierteljährlichen Stammtisch der Fairphone Community Aachen gibt es keine Tagesordnung, sondern einfach lockeren Austausch und Kennenlernen für alle in & um Aachen und die Euregio Maas-Rhein, die schon ein Fairphone haben, noch eins wollen oder einfach nur neugierig auf das Fairphone sind. Niemand von uns arbeitet selbst bei Fairphone, wir sind alle ganz normale Fairphoner*innen – die einen mit FP1, die anderen mit FP2 – oder wollen es vielleicht werden oder auch einfach nur mehr erfahren.

Nachdem Fairphone es Ende August in Berlin und Amsterdam vorgestellt hat, bieten wir Euch am Dienstag die Möglichkeit, das neue Fairphone 3 ein Mal selbst “live” kennenzulernen.

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Wer schon weiß, dass sie oder er dabei sein wird, kann das ganz oben mit “Teilnehmen” oder “Going” signalisieren. Und auch für’s Teilen dieser Ankündigung oder auch der Facebook-Veranstaltung wäre ich Euch sehr dankbar!

:gb: 17 Sep 2019 Fairphone Community Aachen quarterly meetup

With Fairphone just having launched their new phone in Berlin and Amsterdam last month, our quarterly meetup is your opportunity to experience the new Fairphone 3 live.

If you already know you’ll join us on 17 September, feel free to press “Going” at the very top. Last but not least I will be grateful if you would share either this announcement or the Facebook Event with anyone who might be interested.



Everything’s ready …

… and host’s in place :slight_smile:


Eventually (depending on count) a good mix of 7-10 people that included more than one FP1, a couple of FP2s and a few curious newbies without a Fairphone (yet) at all. There was quite some interest in Fairphone and the FP3 from another meetup at the next table as well, including that other meetup’s host who had already ordered the FP3 right after the 31 August Aachen event.

The generous options of switching back and forth between at least half a dozen operating systems on the FP2 actually made one of the latter participants more eager to find a used FP2 than to wait for an FP3 and its (hopefully) eventual opening for alternative OSes. Once again, the (prototype) FP3 was disassembled – for the 8th, 9th, 10th time by now? – and reassembled with success. While Fairphone/F-Droid’s Checkup app as well as the Camera app prove it still works flawless, some of the connections and connectors are showing signs of wear by now (again, this is a prototype FP3 and the experiences gained through it already made Fairphone improve and reinforce the final model selling now – an extra screw and reinforced threads etc.)

Some tests and (hopefully) repairs on a malfunctioning FP2 display (it was dropped) will go into extra-time tomorrow … and if all goes well, might result in another LineageOS user.


Ist beim Filmabend am 04.12. auch ein FP3 dabei? Frage wegen des Hashtags :wink:

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:de: Nach der Premiere Ende August ist das Fairphone 3 nun erneut für 2-3 Wochen in Aachen. Es kann wieder nach Vereinbarung bei mir ausprobiert werden, oder besser noch bei unserer Vorführung von Zeit für Utopien am Mittwoch, 4. Dezember um 18.00 Uhr im Cineplex, Borngasse 30, 52064 Aachen. Ich werde vor und nach dem Film wieder einen (ganz) kleinen Fairphone-Stand bestreiten.

:gb: The Fairphone 3 has landed again in Aachen today. If you want to test it in person, let me know. Or even better, come to our wednesday 4 December 18:00 h showing of Zeit für Utopien in our local Cineplex, Borngasse 30, 52064 Aachen. A small Fairphone booth will be set up before and after the showing. :slight_smile:


Again a healthy crowd viewing the movie and quite a vivid interest in Fairphone both before and after the movie. And also again, a lot of first time acquaintances with Fairphone and eventually some nice pub networking with the other organizations present around the showing.

Having experienced two showings of “Zeit für Utopien” now, I can only (still) strongly recommend to other Fairphone communities to consider organizing a showing themselves – or just be visibly present at one. The thing is that while the movie poster and the usual synopsis of the movie doesn’t tell this right away, it actually spends such a generous amount of time and footage on Fairphone that it can easily be called the centrepiece of the movie. In other words, “Zeit für Utopien” has people generally interested in all things sustainability and change going into it and people all interested in Fairphone coming out of it. :wink:


Videokonferenz der Fairphone Community Aachen

:de: Aufgrund der bekannten Corona-Situation findet unser nächstes Zusammentreffen in virtueller Form statt. Mithilfe von Jitsi Meett.si vernetzen wir uns zu einer

  • Videokonferenz der Fairphone Community Aachen
  • am Dienstag, 28. April 2020 um 19.00 Uhr

Wer teilnehmen möchte und die Zugangsdaten zur Videokonferenz nicht schon per E-Mail bekommen hat, schicke mir bitte eine persönliche Nachricht hier im Forum. :slight_smile:

Fairphone Community Aachen video conference

:gb: Given the widely known Corona situation, our next meetup will be a virtual one. Using Jitsi Meet, we will link up in a

  • Fairphone Community Aachen video conference
  • on tuesday 28 April 2020 at 19.00 h

If you want to participate and haven’t received access details via e-mail yet, just send me a personal messagehere in the forum. :slight_smile:




Thanks @oli.sax, our model European from Belgium who’s living in Taranto, Italy, speaks French, English, Italian and German – thanks to a personal link :wink: to Switzerland – and who joined our video call tonight together with nine other Fairphoners from Vaals (NL), Aachen, Solingen, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart. I think it was a nice premiere videocall for the Fairphone Community Aachen that might get a repeat in a couple weeks (well after @Friek gets her own shot a setting up a video conference in her hood first). Again some part of the conversation was how to allow Fairphoners to keep using their trusted and beloved Fairphones (both FP1 and FP2) for longer.

Looking forward to seeing you folks again some time soon! :+1:


Am 19. September könnte ich mithelfen.


Ich melde mich bei Dir, falls es konkret wird. Derzeit ist allerdings – wegen Corona – noch offen, ob die Messe überhaupt stattfinden kann und darf.



Ich habe eins der ersten fp2. Und würde gerne in die Aachener Gruppe aufgenommen werden. Kannst du mich hinzufügen?

Schöne Grüße,


Danke für deine Meldung, habe Dich jetzt gleich hinzugefügt. :slight_smile:

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Videokonferenz der Fairphone Community Aachen

:de: Aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie findet auch unser nächstes Zusammentreffen in virtueller Form statt. Mithilfe von Jitsi Meet vernetzen wir uns zu einer

  • Videokonferenz der Fairphone Community Aachen
  • am Montag, 6. Juli 2020 um 19.00 Uhr

Bei der Fairphone Community Aachen geht es diesmal um das alternative Betriebssystem /e/OS, das seit einigen Wochen sowohl für das FP2 als auch das FP3 bereitsteht. Der Münchner Fairphone Angel Volker wird uns die Grundlagen von /e/ näherbringen und dann auch für Fragen und Diskussion bereit stehen. Danach wird aber natürlich auch noch Zeit und Gelegenheit sein für andere spontane Fragen und Themen zu Fairphone, dem FP1, dem FP2 und dem FP3.

Wer teilnehmen möchte und die Zugangsdaten zur Videokonferenz nicht schon per E-Mail bekommen hat, schicke mir bitte eine persönliche Nachricht hier im Forum. :slight_smile:

Facebook | Twitter

Fairphone Community Aachen video conference

:gb: Given the widely known Corona pandemic, our next meetup will be a virtual one again. Using Jitsi Meet, we will link up in a

  • Fairphone Community Aachen video conference
  • on monday 6 July 2020 at 19.00 h

Our local Fairphone Community Aachen will learn about the alternative operating system /e/OS available both for the FP2 and the FP3 for a couple of weeks now. Munich Fairphone Angel Volker will introduce us to /e/ and be available for questions and discussions. Of course, there will still be time and opportunity afterwards for other questions and discussions about Fairphone, the FP1, the FP2 and the FP3.

If you want to participate and haven’t received access details via e-mail yet, just send me a personal message here in the forum. :slight_smile: Please note that the primary language of our event will be German.