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I appreciate eOS and Fairphone as a de-googled product. But what the hell did the marketing think, when it allowed Google doubleclick, tagmanager and other trackers on the fairphone.com-website? This will destroy your credibility - your core value.

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Doubtful for more than one reason.

Privacy-aware users like to wishfully underestimate the number of people who don’t have a problem with Google at all. So while the situation might not be privacy-ideal, many just won’t care, and then there are still tracker blockers in the browsers.

And the core value of Fairphone? Please read the first word in the biggest font on the website currently (for those not bothering, it’s Sustainability) … and then /e/OS is the degoogled product, supplied by the e foundation, not only on Fairphones (but Fairphone have a partnership with them).

Fun fact: My tracker blocker blocks something from Google on the e foundation website, perhaps you might want to head over to their community, e foundation are the ones attempting to do the degoogling :wink: .

(Disclaimer: I’m using /e/OS myself.)

  1. Hell is for the miners digging out gold so each of us privileged bags of s**t can have a phone

  2. OH! and to repeat Fairphone is focused on reducing the exploitation of said miners and factory workers, and if I can’t deal with a bit google crap I hope I grow up a bit and take it on the chin.

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The average user doesn’t care about privacy online. Why would they care about double-click?


And what does ‘doubleclick’ do, aren’t we using Android anyway?

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Underrated point. Degoogled Android is still Android, still mainly done and supplied by Google with some degoogling tweaks by degoogling projects afterwards (ok, that was overly simplified, for details see documentation by said projects, there’s more to it than some tweaks).

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Underrated, Google are well overrated, like they think they can take over the world, Ha! They are welcome to it :rofl:

I understand where you’re coming from, but there might be some confusion here: Fairphone’s main goals do not include Privacy, if you check their website, those goals are (I quote) “Sustainability” and “Fairness”. That’s all.
Just check their mission statement page: Privacy isn’t mentioned anywhere… (Would be quite hard using the standard Google Android anyway…)

The confusion stems from the fact the sets of privacy-conscious and sustainability-conscious users have a large overlap, but they are definitely not the same.

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