Fairphone cancels calls after a while even in handsfree mode

We purchased 2 FP to our company one is running FP OS and the other Stock Android.

We both have similar issue, phoncalls get canceled after a while (usually half a minute). this happens when holding phone near ear, but also in a car on BT connection.

So I guess this is not the issue with Near field sensor.

Does anyone have the same problem?

I notice sometimes that the screen is switching on and then cancelling the call, while I’m talking, although I’m holding the faiphone close to my ear. This happens completely random.

I’ve been thinking that maybe when the screen switches on coincidentally, I hang up with my cheek. So yes, I probably have the same problem.

I don’t think its the same problem. My phonecalls get canceled, when on BT handsfree in car. And sometimes I found that I have to insert PIN because SIM cards somehow disconnected.

Maybe it’s an operator issue. I think so because it occurs on both FPs with different settings.

What version of FP OS are you running on the one phone? There were some random crashes relating to the SIM in the early versions of the OS, so if you’re running anything less than v1.6 then I’d suggest updating. However if you’re already on 1.6 or above then this isn’t the solution and I’d suggest contacting Fairphone support directly if you haven’t already.