Fairphone calling random people with a dead battery

The strangest thing happened to me last night. From multiple people I got the question why I phoned them around midnight. When I looked into my call history there were two calls registered. Of one those is not even in my contact-list and I do not recognize the number at all. To make it even more weird, the people who contacted me why I called them were not even present in the call history. The only thing that happened around that time is that the Fairphone shut down due to an empty battery (which was also not correct because when I charged it again it started at 50 %).

Does anybody know anything about this strange behavior? I don’t like the idea that my phone suddenly calls random people from both my contact-list and people I don’t know at all.

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You never know, but damaged or old SIM cards can cause strange behaviour. Especially when the numbers called are on your SIM card.
Please also check your battery: it contains software too that can go rogue and cause strange behaviour

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