Fairphone Bugtracker. Request for Comments

I am happy to announce that after some weeks of trying and testing different tools and setups we’ve come to a conclusion. This week we’ll be installing and testing Taiga internally as our new bugtracking system. Thank you @mheiber for the tip!

We like the ease of use, friendly design, very permissive license and active development of Taiga. We hope of course that our community will like it as well.

If all goes well it should be ready before we release the Android 6 beta to the community.
So, if you want to test both Android 6 beta on your Fairphone and use our new bugtracker to help us squashing the last bugs, make sure to apply for the beta testing program!

Everyone who gave us tips here and in other channels, thank you for thinking with us, it helped us a lot to come to a decision.