Fairphone at WearFair 2017? (Linz/Austria)

Hi girls and boys! It’s my very first time to write something in a forum. I run an eco-fair fashion store in upper Austria together with my wife and have got my first FP2 before Christmas. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Fairphone information booth at WearFair 2017 in Linz? It’s Austria’s biggest fair living event with approx. 10,000 visitors and I think it’s perfect to present the Fairphone idea.


Hi @hoermich, the Austrian Fairphoners have been in contact with Fairphone about WearFair 2016 and Fairphone back then decided that the booth would be too expensive.

Will you have your own store/booth there? Maybe we can join forces and have a little presentation table at a joint booth? I’m roping in Fairphone’s community manager @Douwe.

PS.: Since you have your own store, have you thought of doing a Fairphone meetup / workshop there? Would be great to see an active Fairphoners community in a part of Austria other than Vienna! :slight_smile:


Dear Stefan, a small booth is less than € 1,000. I think Fairphone really should think about it once again. It’s such a great chance to reach exactly those people who are potential Fairphoners!

We have a fashion booth which is in a completely different area than the so called “lifestyle products”. So it’s not easy to join forces unfortunately.

I’m sure we can organise a Fairphone presentation in our store in upper Austria (have to ask my business partner (wife) before). As we are selling fair fashion, usually not too many people follow such invitations, but it’s worth a try!:wink:


I too think that it would be a great chance to reach out to potential buyers, but the booths that we had in Vienna were way under 1000€, from what I remember. Maybe this year WearFair won’t be too expensive. You should definitely get in contact with @Douwe. If something develops some of us can of course join you from Vienna! :slight_smile:

If you want some advice on this you can of course also contact me via PM. Here is a small tutorial on what you could do:

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Hi hoermich,

we wanted to join the WearFair 2016 in Linz but except the costs there were some organisational issues and we decided to skip the event.

I think the WearFair is a perfect place to present the Fairphone and it would be great if we can take part next year :wink:

Last year we took part in several events in Vienna e.g. FairErleben, Südwind Straßenfest, FairnessRun Vienna,…
It would be great to have some events in Linz too. I live in Vienna but I’m in Linz quite often so if you want we can meet and talk about upcoming events etc.?


Hi Werner! Actually we have our shop in Vöcklabruck and I also live near there. Maybe you want to visit us in the shop and we can talk about upcoming events etc. Is it also possible to contact single forum members personally (not to bore the others with our specific topics :wink:

P.S.: Fairphone definitely has to join WearFair 2017 - I feel such a positive energy for that :slight_smile: !

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