Fairphone article in french newspaper Le Monde announces new product in feb

Nice article in the french newspaper Le Monde yesterday, that may have contributed partly to an increase of some 300 sales overnight. (article is in french)
Somehow by the end of the paper is a clear mention that in February, Fairphone will introduce "a new jewel" at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
I tried to add an approbative comment at the bottom :wink:



@Herve5 I did not really try to read all the article because my French is not that good, but I tried to understand your comments…
This is so exciting!!! :slight_smile: Is Le Monde’s impact really that great in France, that you think it can influence FP sales that much (If I understand right you speak of 9000 phones)?

The most interesting information for me would be to know, if the FP2 has a more open chipset and NFC.

Plus: Fairphone as a company should not stop efforts to provide an Android update to the FP1(U)!

@Stefan: no no, I speak of the daily increase in sold phones, from the ordinary “shop” counter, that raised by some 300 (not 9000!) tonight.
Indeed at this moment, a couple of hours after, it didn’t rise more (26336 as of this writing)…
What is interesting still, is the info that the next generation is closer than what I, at least, thought.

phew… my french is not that well at all, bit I think it just says, that he will present “his new jewel” at the Mobile World Congress. That sounds to me like they will just show off their current phone there?
But then again, I’m german and my french is rather crappy.

You may well be right… What mislead me is the fact that, by February, the current batch of phones will have been sold for quite a long time (IMHO they’ll barely cover “christmas gifts”), so somehow automatically I expected something else coming afterwards… But indeed the french sentence turns out correct if one understands “they’ll present the (current) product, considered a jewel…”

Now I get it! I think we were kind of talking about the same thing. Is that right: you said that Le Monde will contribute to FP selling all the 9000 phones until Christmas? (35000-26000)

Ah, yes: what I tried to say is, “let’s see how many more phones Le Monde will contribute to sell over the weekend, knowing that the paper was outed at roughly26000 sold out of the 35000 planned” :slight_smile:

Today, 48h after, I notice the shop counter has increased again by some 100 phones sold. That’s about 300 in 3 days.
With an optimistic extrapolation (100 a day) this would indicate everything sold by January; If I am more pessimistic (only some 300 a week?) indeed there will be a very limited number of “jewels” left for the Mobile World Congress.
I suggest if this is the case FP should raise the cost for the last 500 :wink:

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Thanks for the enthusiasm, @Herve5. We’re really excited to be covered in Le Monde.

However, we have to make a correction to the article - we have no plans yet to make any “big announcements in February” at Mobile World Congress, or as the article states to present “nouveau bijou”. I guess it was misinterpreted that we would be attending MWC (which is actually in March).

The pre-orders of the next generation Fairphone is not expected before mid-2015. And we have so much to share with our community before that time, so as we get closer to the new year we’ll have more blogs explaining our vision in the coming year.

But thanks again for the support, I hope the counter is rising from France :slight_smile:


As you all I’m very delighted to read Le Monde coverage!
I’m just sad it took so long to be published: I mean that top French papers seem not being that dynamic, to me -referred to UK, NL, DE, … ones- to share such an innovative business model in the phone industry.
I hope to read more from French papers via the FP’s newsletter “In the News” section!

In the same Le Monde yesterday there was a paper about a recent affair where the phonemaker Huawei was supposedly caught having 14-years old childs working in his factories, and of course I posted a comment about the only smartphone with a fair trade background :wink:

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