Fairphone and Giffgaff Help needed

So I have a fairphone 3 in the UK. For a long time I was using this on vodaphone, but got a bit fed up with not getting the security patches and so switched to gifgaff, however I now cannot get mobile data to work.

The sim works fine in my other phone, and the Fairphone 3 also works correctly with another sim - they just wont work together. I’ve tried editing the APN, and everything else I can think of, but they wont work!

i’ve reset the network settings, I have done a full factory reset TWICE. Nothing will make the mobile data function. it is as if the phone has somehow been barred from the network - but it works fine on every other network I can try.

The build on the fairphone is 131 the 5th Feb 2020 update.

To re-iterate, the SIM is working perfectly in two other phones and so is NOT faulty. The fairphone 3 works fine on vodaphone and EE but will NOT allow giffgaff mobiledata. Telephony and SMS do work OK

Please someone spot whatever I am missing and help get me back online.

Hi there, I had the same problem. Unfortunately the default APN that is created for giffgaff contains something in the Password field but this needs to be left blank. Create a new APN

Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Access Point Names (via Advanced toggle)

using the details from https://www.giffgaff.com/help/articles/internet-apn-settings-guide (making sure to leave the Password ‘Not set’) then switch to that APN and it should work…


I had the same problem of data not working and had to create a new APN option, then it worked immediately.

Thanks for those suggestions. Sadly I’ve not had much luck. Even with a new APN it still seems to be off-line and as I cant seem to delete the default APN from the list I also cant seem to reliably activate the new one - it always reverts to the non-working default on reboot.

In the end I’ve gone thermo-nuclear and taken out a new EE sim only contract, as that seemed to be the most time-efficient way to fix it without spending hours of messing around. Giffgaff seems to be a bit like linux really - a great idea, but a bit unfinished. Normally I love those sorts of challenge, but as a (minor) key worker in a time of emergency who depends on my phone to stay connected, perhaps now is not the right moment.

That’s a shame. I’m unable to delete the problematic APN but it does at least stay unselected…