Fairphone and Fairmondo have to work together!

For some time now I am also engaged for the fair marketplace Fairnopoly.

After Hasbro® sued them for the name being to similar to their game Monopoly® they are now called


Would it be possible to sell the last remaining Fairphones on their online marketplace?

In this way we could use the fame of the Fairphone to advertise another fair project that is currently struggling to stay alive.

What do you think?

I think it’s probably something Fairphone should look at for future, but I don’t think it’ll happen for the remaining FP1s.

There already seems to be a concept of a cooperation: https://waffle.io/fairmondo/fairmondo/cards/545ba5c1d613f614d447ff04

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@Nur, @Chris_R: This could be done now, what do you think?: https://waffle.io/fairmondo/fairmondo/cards/545ba5c1d613f614d447ff04

die Rede war von einem Magento API Integrator

Wartet auf Input von Nur Icar - Fairphone

My translation:

A Magento API Integrator was dicussed.

Waiting for Input from Nur Icar - Fairphone

@ace28, @madde : This has been discussed with Fairmondo on several occasions but due to various reasons it has been decided that unfortunately it is not possible for this round of Fairphones: Independently from technical challenges there was only very little stock left which did not give enough time to make it happen.

But of course there is a lot of overlap in what Fairmondo and Fairphone do and hopefully we can work together in the future.


Thank you for this insight. I think it is very sad, but if there is no possibility, than there is nothing we can do…

I hope that fairmondo will survive until the next fairphone and that collaboration will be realized.