Fairphone after Updating to Android 11 unstable - WiFi unsuable, constant rebooting device

Hi there, after updating to Android 11 our two Fairphones are really badly injured. WiFi is unstable and reconnects frequently. But the worst: three times a day a rebooting device.

Is there any solution to this?


That I have more so on 5GHz, so I switched to 2.4GHz; but no rebooting.

So do you have an SD card installed an how is it formatted?
I use a Fritzbox! and there a few reports of it being a bit iffy.

have you tried a ‘safe mode’ start which disables your custom apps, in case one of those is interfering?

Ok that’s a start :thinking:

Oh! is the Wi-Fi for calls or data. You can try Wi-Fi without a SIM card and see if it still reboots.

You can enable aeroplane mode to disable all then enable only Wi-Fi

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