Fairphone 5 - System UI Crashes, and freezing on Android Bubbles

I’ve had my Fairphone 5 for about 2 weeks, and I’m mostly super happy with it

Two issues that come to mind, that may or may not be related is that:

1. The System UI crashes a lot
Every other day ish, I will get the notification that System UI has crashed. I don’t know if that is related to the Launcher I use? (Lawnchair). I might do some experimenting with that, but none of my prior phones had any problem with Lawnchair

2. Android Bubbles for chats work poorly
If I get a notification on messenger, or telegram that would usually open in a bubble, pressing it often does nothing

If instead it appears as a bubble, rather than a notification in the dragdown menu, occasionally pressing the bubble will make the animation of opening the conversation happen, but then freeze right before finishing, where I then have to “sleep → wake → sleep → wake” a couple of times, to get out of it

I hope that these are software issues that will get patched in future updates, as while I’m happy with the phone otherwise, stuff like this would get annoying considering long term (and I want to go the Fairphone route of repairing and using this phone for as long as possible)


That sounds unpleasant.
I cannot say I encountered either of the things you describe.
I also use a 3rd party launcher, Nova, but I’ve never had system UI crashes.

I’m a bit fuzzy about bubbles, maybe I don’t get any :slight_smile: so I can’t really comment on that yet but I’ll experiment a bit.

Hello, I have Fairphone 5 for 2 months, having the same problems, only it freezes in many more occasions: sometimes when someone calls, sometimes when opening e-mail (I use several e-mail boxes), I restart the system in average 3-5 times per day, is there any chance it will be fixed via updates? Before I had Fairphone 3, I remember also first months it was ustable, later ok, I use the same set of applications on F5 as before at F3 - there it was only slower, but stable.

other phones have too Android 13 ? as Lawnchair on Play see last update in 2019, not sure if can be too old core app stable :wink: or you use sideloaded v12 alpha (from 2022) or non-released-apk v13 (from 2023) ?

anyway, i too use 3rd Nova Launcher with zero crash…
bubbles i don’t like and have disabled, then not know if be stable for me…

@vitjan try tips from other “FP5 crash” threads:

  • disable 5G network (Sit a internet / SIM Karty / Preferovany typ site)
  • disable Automatic Rotation

Just to clarify; do you use the old Lawnchair or Lawnchair 2? I was previously a big fan of the original Lawnchair, but found it to work very poorly on Android 13. I switched to Nova, which gives all the functionality I loved in Lawnchair, plus many more features. And it doesn’t crash :slight_smile: