Fairphone 5/Stock Camera RAW option/Examples

Hello :slight_smile:
Currently I’m a Pixel 4a but plan to buy the new Fairphone 5.
Looked at the camera ui of the Fairphone in the gsmarena review. There is a Pro Mode but seems no RAW capturing option. But older Fairphones seems to had it. Is it still there?

Besides that does someone already have some RAW examples and can share them? :slight_smile:
Besides that does somebody know if there is already a good Gcam mod?
Really like the Gcam for simplicity so would be nice to keep it, also there is for sure a RAW option :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome.

GCam mods are always there, none specific for any Fairphone. i dont fnd RAW mode neither on the FP4 it was available on the FP3…

Have a look at this topic

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RAW is available on the FP5 stock camera app on GCam on the FP5 and I was able to take some RAW picture files (each near 30 MB *), but need to look up later how it’s done.

Update: ... here's how to set it up on GCam

GCam Settings > Advanced > RAW+JPEG control
This adds a RAW+JPEG option at the very top level of settings (the “viewer”).

The RAW version of the photo then ends up in Pictures > RAW, the JPEG version of the same shot in DCIM > Camera

This forum downsizes photos a lot, so I guess it makes little sense for me to upload the quick one-off RAW shot I took (I actually just tried and .dng files cannot be uploaded in general).

* 50 MP shots then – the one in the screenshots was just 12 MP, so the file size is much smaller

On the stock camera app, I have not found a RAW option yet either.


Hi, FP4 User here.
RAW (dng) is available via the camera app «Open Camera» or the more famous gcam.
Best regards