Fairphone 5 Protective Case - needed/Alternatives?

I’m looking at my Bark Sweden wood case and I agree with Dryhte, the wood looks to be around 1mm over the display almost everywhere. I wrote “almost” as there is a place where I’m not sure the border would be higher than the screen protector.

However, as they make the cases by hand, and they’re very responsive by email, you could ask them if they can engage on making a case that would be OK on a screen protected FP5.

I’m pretty sure they can or, if they can’t, they’ll tell you.



Indeed! Better cover than the original. This Tudia feels good to handle, I dropped it zero times, this 7 days in use.

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And another thumbs up from me for the Tudia case. It arrived today and I knew from the moment I clamped it onto my F5 that it was the case for me (Fairphone’s own and a clear silicone one already tried and dismissed). Happy days, finally.

Good to know. Thanks for the feedback.

Did you see the new FB post from Biowaves? Still no date, but with pictures of the cases and new additional accessory.


Guys, I am quite happy with my soft case reviewed before yet do consider getting tudia for better protection.
Will something like a popsocket or a ring stick to this textured surface though?

Hi Anna, I wrote to you a direct message here on the forum and as an email to your shop contacts, listing some features I’d like to see in a case. Might share it here if anyone is interested and/or wants to add to the list :vulcan_salute:

I have the same issue. The case does not help AND also destroyed the metal case:

Link to other Threat

Hi Mate, I finally had the time to reply to your questions :slight_smile:

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Just re-sharing @T4om post as these are absolutely beautiful

If anyone has any experience with the company please let me know


I’m also interested in these ones, so yes please, if anyone tried them can you tell if the internal cover holds the phone firm (with some bumbed rim too) and whether the camera window has some rim or if it’s thick enough not to make the camera touch surface when on flat surfaces? Thanks

Got my bark case this weekend and I’m really happy with it. Edges are high enough to protect the screen if put face down and its not too bulky. I’m much happier with it then the fairphone case I bought when I got the phone. Would recommend it if you don’t want a lanyard or flip case.


For anyone who’s been waiting, the Biowaves biodegradable case for the FP5 is apparently going on presale today.


die Original-Schutzhülle für 39 Euro hat nur ca. 0.3mm Überstand über dem Display und sitzt recht locker. Habe mir heute die wesentliche billigere von Conapica gekauft, der ich mit ca 1mm Überstand einen wirksameneren Schutz zutraue. (Nach dem Tod des Motherbords beim FP3 bin ich mittlerweile etwas skeptischer mit Fairphone. Wenn mein neues FP5 jetzt auch schon nach gut 4 Jahren versagen solte, war´s das mit dieser Marke…)

Anyone ordering the case?
I’d really appreciate a review for it before buying it.
I was expecting it to be the cheaper eco-friendly case (compared to bark), but alas it the price increased slightly compared to the FP4 case.
It’s a heafty price to pay for a case for me, and now the choice lies between bark and Biowaves, since they cost about the same.

I was going to order one, but they’re not shipping to the UK so I think my only option for an eco case is from Bark.

Just a heads up:
The German Amazon offers Biowaves cases for the FP4.
Once the FP5 case is out it might also be offered on Amazon or other resellers (perhaps also in the UK?)

I had the same thought at first. However, we should keep in mind that almost all products have increased in price in recent months due to inflation.
In addition, the Bark case is too heavy and bulky for me. The SmartShell 5 from Biowaves offers me more - I especially like the new expandability with the Hanghub.

I pre-ordered the deep black Smartshell 5 together with the Hanghub and the black wrist strap - I’m excited :slight_smile:

I am very satisfied with the Fairphone 4 case from Biowaves. I hope that the new case is just as good for my FP5.

just fyi - if you have signed up for the newsletter, there will be an extra discount on top of the pre-sale price. Maybe the code also works without registering: NEWSLETTERSALE05


I agree it doesn’t hold great, especially after a couple of years. It’s good on the upside and downside, but on the left- and right side you can easily put a (small) fingertip between the bumper and phone. However the protection is amazing. I’m very clumsy and unfortunately drop my phone quite often. It doesn’t have a scratch! The backside doesn’t need protection while the sides and front do, that’s exactly what the bumper provides. I would by the bumper if they had it for the FP5.

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Hi! Do you have your original FP5 case now and how well is the protection? I need a GOOD case in case of dropping the phone + placing it with the display down. I need a popsocket to hold my phone so face down on surfaces is the only option.