Fairphone 5 notification query

Hi, I’m new to fairphone and android. I’ve been able to setup dot notifications but not numbered ones is this even possible on the FP5?


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Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Can you probably describe more detailed, what kind for notification for which event you are searching for?

If you mean numbers on an icon with the number of messages, no you cannot see them on the default OS with the default launcher.


Is there a way to get around this? Does /e/os provide the option to have these?

@Nicholas_Fisher @Cardbored
try Nova Launcher, in “Settings/Notification badges” you can:

  • select style: Dynamic, Dots, Numeric
  • position: left/right up/down edge
  • size: large, medium, small
  • show notification content in long-press icon pop-up menu

and in general Nova Launcher has about a million more other options to customise :wink:

EDIT: some of functions is avaiable after buy Prime


Yes, the /e/OS launcher shows them by default.

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Native Android only shows a dot on the application icon, indeed. Long press the icon and you see the context. In the pull down menu you see the notification summaries, such as “12 messages from 3 chats”. I find the Android way more organized. But I’m biased.

Nova Launcher is in my opinion the best OS Launcher for the Fp4/Fp5. no bugs and completely customizable.

Not only for FP5, and not only for phone :wink:
I have it also in tablet, in car radio/headunit (with full Android, not AndroidAuto)
BTW: And pay (via NovaLauncherPrime) is one-time/lifetime-all-my-device…

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