✨ Fairphone 5 live stream ✨

Heyyyyy community!

Fairphone 5 is finally here! :tada:🩵 We would like to invite you all to our Live Stream, where we will take you on a guided tour of our latest innovation.

You can tune in at 11.30 a.m. (Amsterdam time) via this link: event-after | Fairphone

Hope you all are as excited as we are :slight_smile:


The real breakthrough would be the upgradeability of the Fairophone 4 parts. At least some of them (screen, camera). Let’s wait and see :nerd_face:


Upss, that was quick, just a minute after the livestream ended… the store is overheating.

Anyway, apart from that, this has been the smoothest and most professional launch of Fairphone yet. Nice video, Website updated on point, nice campaign/shop site. Congrats!


FP5 spare parts not available yet, but listed already in the Fairphone Shop. Individual spare part descriptions apparently not there yet, but from what I know the Top Unit will include the card (SIM + SD) slots – first time they can be replaced without having to swap the whole motherboard/core module through the Repair Centre.

Delivery starts 14 September:

P.S.: The presentation can be watched as a recording at https://youtu.be/LINxz4GwaOQ.


that’s fast:
Digitec has already a review of the Fairphone 5:
(In German, translate it yourself :slight_smile: )


@Marta_Artigas I did not find any mention of a fingerprint sensor in the specs and was afraid the FP5 would be missing one. Golem.de mentions one in its review and notices and works well. Can you clarify?

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It’s in the same power button place as on the FP4.

(from a demo FP5 that will tour Aachen, Hamburg and Munich in September – see https://events.fairphone.community)


Will not post as a new topic, I’m sure FP will post it later today as well.


I miss Qi / wireless charging. Will that be available with an optional backcover as upgrade? IMHO a must for a phone with long lifetime, since plugging in for charging wears down contacts.
The other question would be the usual “bigger battery” :D.

For the FP4, wireless charging was not implemented because of the lower efficiency compared to wired charging. I guess here its the same reason. If in the future the USB-port will be worn out or damaged, it can be changed easily.


As nobody did so far I’m leaving a link to the specs here :wink:

It seems it’s not possible to directly link to the full specs, so just click on the “More specifications” button after you followed above link.

P.S.: yes, battery capacity has increased a bit to 4200 mAh


This is my biggest hope, I would really like the ability to be able to upgrade the screen if possible, I haven’t checked the dimensions but it seems to be the same


Yeah, the battery is great, because (taken from fairphone-5 | Fairphone)…:


Thanks @urs_lesse
Exactly! Fingerprint sensor is there :slight_smile: on the power button.


Lovely find! :smiley: Fairphone gives you 25% more hours a day! :+1: We mean it when we say longevity. :sunglasses:


Sure, some people will want to wait for an official statement…
But if modules of the FP5 would be interchangeable with the FP4 I’m pretty sure that such a huge breakthrough would have been mentioned in the release event or on the shop page.


Hi !
Great to see Fairphone launching new projects/ new phones. Juste for information, the first details I went to look for were the size and the weight (which might be pretty important criteria for me). I had to scroll a lot for size and did not find the weight. Something to add maybe ?
I was curious if it was smaller/ lighter than the 3 and rhe 4.
Thanks !

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But while this made me smile just like the CET/CEST confusion, the FP5 looks like a convincing device and the presentation was well made, so kudos for that. I like this conscious choice of the chipset off the beaten track to achieve the long-term-support goal - I hope it plays out nicely.


You could use magnetic adapters … 🏒 Canadian Fairphoners! 🇨🇦 - #153 by AnotherElk … at least if you don’t plan to use USB OTG devices or audio adapters often.