🇩🇪 :GB: Fairphone 5 HTTP server errors - http 404

Seit Kurzem bekomme ich alle paar Minuten die Anzeige auf dem FP5: “fairphone 5 HTTP-Serverfehler - HTTP 404” und eine Meldung des “Kontenverwalters” über Probleme mit der Synchronisierung. Bei mir läuft e/OS/2.0-t-20240506399547-stable-FP5.

Wer kann helfen?

Sorry für die Rechtschreibfehler. Irgendein Programm ändert meine Eingaben.

I have recently received the display on the FP5: “Fairphone 5 HTTP server errors - http 404” and a message from the “account manager” about problems with synchronization. For me, E/2.0-T-2024050639547-Stable FP5 runs.

Who can help?

I think you are maybe using a Murena account.
“Account manager” is the service on your phone that manages your cloud accounts. There have been some problems recently with murena.io, I noticed too.

If that is so, I think you are likely to find more specialised advice over on the Murena forum.

I am not seeing any problems at the moment.

P.S. - I have merged your two separate topics which are apparently about the same question.

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Thanks. I actually have a Murena account. I will try it in the forum.