Fairphone 5 freezes repeatedly

Thanks a lot, it works indeed (in state of not-frozen phone, but I believe it will be the same), regarding freezing FP will hopefully solve it within next updates, thank you!

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Hello everyone,

I would like to say that I am also experiencing the same issue.

Once a week in average I have to hard reboot my Fairphone 5 holding Power + Volume down, because the screen froze.

When the screen freeze, the phone is still “alive” because I still receive notifications. Of course I can’t see them, but the phone vibrate and I can hear the notification alert.

Also, I am still able to turn off the screen by pressing the Power button. If I press the Power button again the screen will light up again in the same state, frozen and displaying the same app than before (even if it should show the lock screen).

This is a bit annoying, and I hope it will be fixed in a future update.

How can I help ? Do you need more information to reproduce the issue ?

To be honest, I don’t know the exact conditions to reproduce the issue. But I am not using Fairmail, so in my case this is not the culprit.

I am using the FP5 for two weeks and had three freezes, all using different applications. My gut feeling is, this happens when I do excessive screen rotation, at some point it gets stuck. Hard reboot or removing the battery is the only solution to recover.

Ups it happend again… and while Google Maps navigation + Spotify were running. And they keep running, music was playing fine, switching songs. Navigation was working (with a stuck screen though), GPS was fine, audio was guiding me through the city.
So it must be some graphical issue and once again it happend after the screen rotated back and forth.
Any Fairphone Developer here willed to have a look at it?

knock on wood, no more crashes on my wife’s phone. It stumbled a bit (screen freeze, switch off/switch on, and worked again) on some occasions.
Didn’t really change things (tried out some things like disable WIFI call, bud undid it after some time). Only thing was removing the gmail account from fair-Email which she has not added back on yet.

Mine is totally stable.

please contact support, developer are not reading here in the user forum.

And btw:

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Hello everyone - new to fairphone (F5)- same issue :frowning:
The Phone just randomly freezes and the screen turns black.
Have to restart - after that everything is fine.

not having this problem, but as others suggest, i can confirm i NOT use automatic rotation, i rotate manualy only sometime when need, so maybe is really bug in autorotation in some situaltion?


Hello, I had flagged this issue in a duplicate of this: Occasional issues in activating screen of my fp5 just writing to report that even after recent software updates the issue reproduces for me. I will try to disable screen rotation and will check if that helps.


just to mention my own experience with this issue.

  • also happens with no rotation
  • never happened using FP5 on “wifi only” for 3 days
  • happened on 4G network :
    → with a bad network coverage (phone did lock in my pocket doing nothing, or browsing a page, 4 times in an hour in a place I know has really poor coverage)
    → when moving (navigation in a car)

Also happened with /e/ OS by the way

no real workaround found so far

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I have set “Use auto-rotate screen” off in options and the problem hasn’t reproduced in 10 days. It seems a significant improvement, it may be a viable workaround for some.

Good to hear !
According to /e/ support, Fairphone is working on a fix for this.

see comments here.

In my situation I have this weird workaround : disable data altogether :slight_smile: when on the go or in a known badly covered area. Airplane mode for the win !

Which makes this phone a not-really-mobile phone but it still suits my needs for now - I mean I’ll manage a month or two like this.

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As your phone isnt rebooting but freezing, have you enabled auto-rotate and did you test when its off?

No, I never set auto-rotate.
(I never set it on my previous phone either, I don’t like this feature)

I am rebooting 3-5 times per day, before I had stable Fairphone 3 with the same set of application, it’s terrible…

you may want to try to disable “5G” kind of network as suggested in gitlab link above. (identified as “NR” in list of networks).
Maybe it’s related to specific carriers only but in my case I admit it didn’t freeze since. (will have to test some more situations)

If you find a solution be good to know. My wife’s F5 kept freezing needing battery removal to reboot. Phone replaced but same issues with replacement even when operating in safe mode.

Has anyone seen this issue show up on a FP5 with Murena (/e/OS)? I ask because I’ve had my FP5 for a week now and put /e/ on it first thing. I’ve never had a flicker of an issue, and I am (I think) exercising about every use case of this device.

For most of the people, turning off 5G and autorotation make the phone behave normally.


The problem probably doesn’t exist with all 5G implementations, because for me it’s rock solid with 5G on (Orange BE).

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