Fairphone 5 Case issues and Solution for 3D Printing

Many of you discovered that the “Protective Case” for the Fairphone 5 is pretty useless.
Since the aftermarket doesn’t provide any usable solutions yet, i designed my own case.

I’d like to share it with you:

If you have a 3D Printer and are able to print TPU, you can print this massive, rugged TPU protective Case.
It fits snug.
Maybe it’s not the most elegant solution, but for those who like to use the FP5 in harsh environments such as metal workshops, it’s perfect.

Have Fun

best regards


Thank you so much for your work.

I would like to ask about your mention, “extensive rework with a scalpel and a lighter is mandatory.”. If I go to a printshop or however they are called, will they be able to do it fo me?

i don’t know how the service of individual printshops is.
you should discuss this with them in advance.

on my printer some stringing and support-leftovers appeared.

i just want to tell the truth.
i can’t speak for others

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Depends on the shop, but if you let some shop print it for you its often cheaper to remove the support structures yourself, as they usually charge you for the time and risk.

I believe 3D printing the case is only reasonable if you have a printer or know someone that’ll print it for you for material cost plus some minor fee. Comercial places can get quite expensive very quickly.


My case from belsimpel keeps getting delayed so I am considering paying to have it printed, and I have a quick perhaps technical question to @TechTom .

How can I protect your copyrights as an author if I am sharing your work with a professional company? So far I have only tried some online calculations but even then I had to upload a file.

Hi meaghan,

I’m totally fine with that.
Take the file and order your personal copy.

As long as the copyshop doesn’t offer it as stock ware in an online-/offlineshop, i’m okay with it.

Have fun!


In addition to my rugged FF5 Case, i made a more basic design without the heavy bumpers on the back.

This design is more printer-friendly and is the better option for most of the people

you can download the files for free:

You are allowed to take the files and order your personal copy from a 3d-printing company.
As long as you/they dont offer it permanently to the Public, i’m totally fine with that.

I hereby allow the fairphone BV company to use this design in order to release a commercial product made of molded TPU for example. If you do this, I would appreciate an appropriate reward of your choice.
You can modify the Design. A Solidworks project-file can be provided.


Are the sides a tiny bit higher than the Fairphone?

all the relevant measurements are found in the description of the model at printables.

the border of the case is 1,8mm higher than the displaysurface.

I merged your topics together. Thanks for sharing your files.

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