Fairphone 4 won't turn off when charging


I’m trying to turn my fairphone off while it’s charging (so I don’t use it) but every time I turn it off it restarts instead of shutting down.
When it’s not charging I can turn the phone off.
But when I plug it in after this, it turns back on even though all I’ve done is plug in the cable.
Has anyone else experienced this? Can this be fixed easily?


Are you sure that it is really turning back on (and booting Android)? In my experience it “boots” into some sort of charging mode that probably enables quick charging as well as displaying of charge progress. But this does not mean that the Android OS is booted up or ready to use.

Quite sure. When it does this it starts up android and takes you to the lockscreen, like when you usually restart your phone, and it tells you to put your passcode in.
It’s odd because I’m sure it wasn’t doing this the other day, but was doing what you’ve said it should do and it displayed the charging progress thing. Not sure what’s changed

Interesting. I’ll have to verify that. Maybe an update broke/changed this? Can you check which version you’re running right now?

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I just verified with my FP4 that runs version FP4.FP3S.A.0103.20220221.
I turned it off, then plugged it into a charger. As expected it booted into the charging mode and showed the battery level.


IIRC that feature wasn’t available on older builds, no idea when it got enabled :thinking:
It’s working for me as well on the latest release (A.0103) :tada:


Same behaviour (and same OS version) as on mde’s and hirnsushi’s on the FP4 I currently have (borrowed from Fairphone) here.

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