Fairphone 4 with e/OS and Intune MDM

Does the Fairphone 4 with e/OS work with the Intune MDM?
I want to use the Android Enterprise certification.
Months ago I tested the enrollement with the Microsoft Company Portal App but after creating the work container on the phone I got an error.

I just found an articel for the Fairphone 3 but not for the Fairphone 4:

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Are you aware that there is a dedicated forum for FP4 and e/OS ?

Why would you use a de-Googled Android and then install Microsoft products?

I have exactly the same situation. I´m using /e/ on my FP3 and my company is using Outlook 365. The only way to get my Emails on my phone is by installing Microsoft products.

So, I still don´t need to read company Emails on my private Phone - and the company phone stays in the company.


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Hi. I have a similar problem. Did you manage to solve it?

Sounds very familiar. Do you work at my company? :wink:

MS products are even worse than Google’s in my opinion. Both do Spying but MS additionally manages to deliver even worse functionality.

Regarding thew problem of the OP: IMHO you should get some old and/or cheap Android phone and do that Intune stuff there. Unless you get a company phone, that is.

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Since you said you are running the official Fairphone OS, please specify how your problem is similar or what it is exactly, since this topic seems to be about consequences coming from the degoogled nature of /e/OS, which wouldn’t apply to Fairphone OS.


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