Fairphone 4 updating causes issues!

This happens very time my Fp 4 does an update either automatically or when I initiate it. Instead of the screen messsage to inform me that it will resart in X minutes/hours automatically or I can restart immediately, it goes into what I assume is “safe mode”. There’s a dark screen filled with various commands and a header that flashes “Safe Mode/ Restart/ Power off…” advising to use volume control and power button to make choice. However it doesn’t actually respond to whatever I choose. I’ve tried powering down but that doesn’t work either. The only way I can get the fone “back to normal” is to remove the battery & use power button . After a couple of goes this works .
Yesterday it was due to update in 1 hour when I checked a couple of hours later, it was in it’s “manic phase”… I stopped this by removing battery etc.
Today the update message has come up again, saying that it will automatically update in 24 days!!
Is this something I can solve myself or do I have to send it to workshop?


Do you have the ‘vanilla’ OS A11?
Have you considered a factory reset as if you send it ‘to workshop’ they will do that and any data you have will be wiped.

Removing the battery with the phone on is not a great idea as it interrupts whatever process it was engaged in, even a duff one.

Did you try holding down the power button for ten seconds?

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I’m also wondering: Why do you wait for the timer to run out? You should be able to install the update on demand at any time by pressing the respective button. The timer is only a last resort to make sure people eventually get their updates. Have you ever tried that? What happens in that case? Which patch level does your phone actually have now? It is possible that interrupting the process resets to the last known-good state which might be months out of date at this point.
As @amoun suggested my first try would also be to backup(!) your data and then try a factory reset. Ideally, try to update right after that before configuring much. If that still does not work something serious must be wrong and I suggest to #contactsupport

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Since writing this it has gone into permanent “manic phase”. Previously I have updated as soo n as available but this issue arose so I thought I’d wait and see if not initiating it would make a difference.
Now I can’t do anything at all even a factory reset which i was going to try. It’s just caught in the “manic” loop and not responding to anything.
I have contacted suppprt now as I too believe this is a warranty case :face_ :unamused: :confused:

You might also try to reinstall the OS manually: