Fairphone 4 stuck on starting screen

Yesterday, my Fairphone 4 randomly turned off in my pocket. When trying to turn it on again, the Fairphone logo appears, then it is stuck on the 4 blue dots turning. I tried recharging the phone, took out SIM and SD, and went to recovery mode to reboot the system from there. Any other ideas (preferably ones where I don’t loose my data in the end)?

Do you have the bootloader unlocked? If not, I guess the only way is a factory reset via recovery (=data loss)…


I’d try #dic:safemode first, but that was rarely successful in the past :grimacing:
Let’s hope this isn’t another brick :crossed_fingers:

Oh, and welcome to the community BTW :wave:


try to reach it with a linux distro (live dvd cd with laptop or pc) or tails stick (usb connected pc or laptop)


and see if you can at least transfer files and then
maybe try another sim that works and see what it does

If the system doesn’t boot it doesn’t matter what OS you are running on your PC, you don’t get your data back.

There’s no magic protocol running Linux will give you. You can decide to use it for several reasons (I do), but it won’t help you here, the relevant tooling works just fine on other OSes (some problems with M1/2 Macs though apparently).

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still I managed to reach files on a windows pc and could transfer files to external devices when the windows pc had issues
and I have a linux distro working on a mac mini too
although with latest windows I do not know because I do not use this anymore due to the fact that it does not belong to me and never will with their shitty license and userpolicy

have a great time anyway


Booting a live-install on an USB stick to access partitions on a PC is absolutely not applicable to Android. That works because you can mount the partitions on the Linux system that you booted your PC into.

  • You can’t mount the partitions on an Android phone over USB, that functionality doesn’t get exposed
  • The bootloader is locked by default, so you can’t install anything on the phone to rescue the data
  • Unlocking the bootloader wipes userdata
  • If the bootloader is unlocked you could install a different OS or recovery (TWRP) to access the data
  • Which doesn’t help, userdata is encrypted, TWRP can’t access it and you won’t be able to decrypt it because the key is stored in a TPM on the phone

Great decision on running Linux, I’ve been happy with it for years, but it won’t help here.


I just wanted to save files from a pc like audio video and docs and managed to do just that with a usb stick and also with a live cd
that is all

have a great day anyway

This is exactly the same problem that I have encountered yesterday and have tried the same as you to get it started. I wonder if it’s a software issue?

Thank you all for your replies. I tried safemode, didn‘t work. I contacted the fairphone support and they suggested the same, or factory reset. I am currently waiting for a response from them, I guess then I‘ll have to proceed with the reset :confused: @Delboyo glad that I‘m at least not alone in this!

Sorry if there might be no other solution than a #dic:factorydatareset.
But in any case you should also #contactsupport so that they’re aware of the problem and may analyze it further!

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Waiting for a reply from them.

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This problem sounds like the following:

Their solution in the end was a factory reset. :slightly_frowning_face:

Taking together Delboyo (originally posted here), bll (here) and waterfall that’s three similar cases.

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just a humble advice
never save data on a system that does not belong to you .
keep important things on external drives ,sdcards or usbstick

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