Fairphone 4 : settings for double tap on lock screen to wake-up

Hi all,

I’m looking for a setting to wake-up the Fairephone 4.

On ROM Stock Android 12, the option is available ?

Open settings → Display → Other display parameters

On /e/ OS, no option for double tape to wake up (but double tape on status bar to sleep device exist).

I’m ask this setting for improvment on /e/ OS.

Thanks a lot.

Have a nice day

On Android 13 there is no double-tap to wake option on stock ROM and I’m rather sure it wasn’t there in A12 either.

double tap to wake requires the hardware to support it - the touch layer has to be able to recognize touches when the display is disabled. if that’s not the case, then it can’t be enabled with software.


Not quite the same, but look at WaveUp

This is available on F-Droid and I prefer it to tapping the screen.