Fairphone 4 schematics

where can I find the Fairphone 4 schematics?


Hi I haven’t seen any for the FP3 but why not ask Fairphone.

And what do you mean by schematics,

  • the layout of the modules and their connectors
  • the purpose for each connector pin
  • a breakdown of the modules showing all the chips and how they are connected.
  • probably not a breakdown of the small components.

Since you used that picture, I assume that you are familiar with Louis Rossmann.

He recently made a video about this exact topic where he said that PCB schematics for Fairphone are NOT available at this time, and offered a compelling reasons as to why Fairphone and others don’t release schematics.

Amoun, in this context I believe schematics refer to the PCB design schematics, that show all the chips and resistors and such. Some people want them because they have the resources and expertise to diagnose and replace individual chips, but cannot do it without schematics.


Yeah but he also reacted to an old FP3 thread. Now we have a brand new FP4, maybe things changed?

Indeed, but the video was uploaded several days ago. I do not think that is even enough time for fairphone to get in touch with him and provide more information on the situation.


FP4 is not even available, just pre-order is possible.

I would bet that the schematics exist waaaaaaaaaaay before production even begins. :wink:

Yes but why would a company provide this to the public?

Repairability, maybe?

Repair something that is not yet shipped or used🤔

Nevertheless I think @Paperpilot summarized it quite well

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Schematics aka circuit diagram. Shows all the components and how they connect to each other. This is not the PCB layout.

If you are trying to trace (for example) the power from the USB port to the charging circuit to the battery then it helps to know where to check, which signals on which chip to probe, what a components value is etc.

Why would a company provide them? simple, so instead of swapping a PCB or module it can be repaired. It helps stop e-waste.


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It seems there is news, at some point schematics for the Fairphone 4 became available.
I discovered this from a recent Louis Rossmann video:

Indeed, they can be found on Fairphone’s official site at https://www.fairphone.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/FP4_Information-for-repairers-and-recyclers.pdf
The upload date in the link appears to indicate September 2022. :thinking:
Has this ever happened for the Fairphone 3 and 2?


No need to thank me. :grin:

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