Fairphone 4 problems

I bought my fairphone 4 on the website beginning of May. I had a repair already for free since the sound quality was very bad. I received my New Phone 8th of june. Everything worked fine. But… A few weeks later it startend again. I feel like fairphone isnt the Phone for me unfortunatly. So i contacted them about a return but i didnt hear anything back. Any ideas what I can do?

Sorry to hear that, at the end you can just wait for support to handle this, you might want to call, sometimes it helps to speed up. You might be “lucky” that your phone can be considered DOA.

Support is extremly slow currently and you are not the only one who needs patience at the moment.


Yes, i am in contact with them. Only it now says

Our phone lines are temporarily closed. We will still gladly provide support online or via email to support@fairphone.com.

I hope they take it back. I am over the cool off period :frowning:

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Yeah but have a look here at the DOA Definition

delivered with an in-warranty defect that becomes apparent within 30 days from the delivery and the defect cannot be solved using Fairphone’s general troubleshooting processes. Fairphone will only consider a Product DOA if You contact us within 30 days of purchase and if Fairphone has been given the opportunity to inspect the DOA. In any case, Fairphone Official Service Center must receive the supposed faulty products within 90 days from the delivery date of the purchase.

Aaaaa mucho gracias! I will wait for them to reply. But this is very good to read. It is also what I proposed in the email (partial refund)

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Feel free to open a topic about it here on the forum. Maybe there is a fix/workaround, or maybe it’s a known issue that may be fixed soon.