Fairphone 4 links in forum header

Not directly Fairphone 4-related, but indirectly: In the menu at the top of the Forum page, under the tab “Phone”, a link for Fairphone 4 is still not there. One needs to first click “Phone” en then browse through the Fairphone 4 links.

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Could you add a screenshot of the menu?
I think the menu isn’t shown to me (on my desktop), but it sounds like the general website (fairphone.com) menu as it used to look like.

Maybe this, no Fairphone 4 on the drop down menu


Actually both lines are outdated (“Phone | Story | Community | Support”, too), that’s an old version of the fairphone.com menu. I vaguely seem to remember both are artefacts that aren’t meant to show on top of the forum in any way (on my computer, they usually do not, but I remember they sometimes appeared here as well, and/or maybe on my tablet).


I’m using the Fairphone 2017 interface, no menu on the old one.

Doesn’t show with Screen width under 1000 on desktop Firefox

Different on FP3 Desktop mode, get the menu but no Fairphone just a blue square.

Now after more viewing I get FA and the menu :slight_smile:

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