FairPhone 4 in general

Hmm :thinking:

I’ve just tried to use Ukranian keyboard combined with my Danish voice to put in some text that way.
I can only conclude Ukranian ears were listening. It made absolutely no sense what it tried to write.
So that’s an issue too but not the phones fault.

And I don’t think it’s prepared to take any commands like inserting new lines or such.
But I’ll have a look at Google and share the news if I’m lucky. Odds are low I guess.

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So now I found something and tested it with first English -and afterwords Danish keyboard activated.

Have a look here: What do I say to make a new line when using voice recognition? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

The only thing I got right was the “comma command”.
“Enter”, “new line” and “period” didn’t work in English (for me) and in Danish none of those commands are implemented - yet.

Regarding overheating I haven’t seen that message since last software update. Which I guess also implies a reboot of the phone.

Regnar, but I usually use the Dutch keyboard and also speak Dutch … very slowly and very clearly. Sometimes: it doesn’t do anything until about lets say 20 secs later, or when my receiver is typing also. And sometimes it just writes complete nonsense … and indeed punctiation is also badly followed up. It makes other words too in a Dutch sentence.

Sometimes a second or even third reboot really helps :slight_smile:

Finally I found this page:

with help on Google gboard in Danish. I think there is one in Dutch too.
And it worked somehow. Even better than with the English keyboard/ - commands. Still not perfect though.

I’m not using this functionality a lot. Only when driving. Otherwise I’m using swype gestures to write in stead of tapping the keys. Occasionally of course tapping also when the swyping fails as it does now and then.

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@Regnar_Andersen that is what I do…
I use it very often because typing causes pain in my joints. I have to make reports after every patient I visited. Which is about 20 per evening (when working)

I never use this so I have no real ideas how it works and assume that speech to text is no Gboard function (at least not alone) and relies on this what has a quite bad reputation in the playstore

I have the suspicion restarting in safe mode affected somehow the data/cache from Google apps and that fixed it.
If i remember correctly you must hold volume down at boot animation when powering on.

@yvmuell did you visit the page that I linked to? It says clearly “gboard” in the link, the link text and the page that it is linking to.

In the bottom part of my screenshot there’s a reference perhaps to what you mention. Haven’t looked that up though.

I’m surprised hearing about an overheating issue. I’m really pleased with my FP4 (unlike the FP2 which was a desaster).
Except for an issue with the SD card in the very beginning, it works like a charm and never gets hot no matter what I do. That includes many hours of goggle maps navigation.


@Zorugal good for you! :slight_smile: Funny that there seems to be so much differance betwen de functioning of the device with everybody…

People use different apps and some have a lot of background activity.


@anon9989719 hi :slight_smile: Okay yes but with my previous smartphones that has never posed a problem.

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sorry, my message was different, originally. During calls, the person on the other end can hear his own voice. That’s even the case if the loudspeaker is on a low level. I never had that problem before on any model.

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