FairPhone 4 in general

What do you mean with “not answered”?
Maybe you give more details regarding the problems you have?
And welcome to the forum!
And as you’ve asked: my experience with the device is good


'@Volker Thank you :slight_smile:
My issues… for instance, one of them is that navigation (google maps) can not be used with the softcase around it because then the device will get too warm. And than the screen goes on night-mode (dark)
Another problem is that I can’t record (dictate) my messages very well (instead of typing I mean) Often the phone just writes something…and doesn’t seem to understand what I’m saying. Sometimes it writes even in Russian or Italian … while I speak Dutch and speak slowly.
Also I find the microphone on the left very unhandy! I’m left-handed and so often I sit with my thumb on the mike and my receiver can’t hear me.
I also think that the phone is far too sensitive, it sometimes seems like one big touchscreen. The sides (the hard case) are also very sensitive and make the screen move without me wanting it. So I bought a softcase perhaps that would resolve the problem. 1; no it doesn’t and 2: the phone heats up very quickly …
These are just three things that bother me …
I have been mailing since short after I got the phone. Things last very long, like answers to the mail and also don’t resolve my problems. I really want to embrace this project but I am getting out of patience really.


Also the screen often turns while using it and I didn’t activate the turning mode … Not handy!

For me, the touchscreen is also too sensitive. just a little touch on an edge will lead to unintended action. could there be a software side fix, maybe?

Also, I’m used to lay down my phone on the table and use the speakers funktion while I’m talking with s.o.on the phone. This is the first phone now, which records the sound back into the tel. call. The other party on the call is very irritated about it very soon.

I hope, this can be resolved, because I don’t like holding the phone so close to my head if not necessary and over long periods of time.

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Thanks for the details. Now at least I understand better why you’re not satisfied (and I am as I only experience one of the problems, the sensitive sides of the phone).
Unfortunately I can’t give any advice for the solution of your problems.
Just the problem that it turns while turning mode is disabled sounds very strange and unknown to me. Are you sure this is not triggered by the apps you’re using in this case (some apps do it even if it’s turned off)? If it is then I’m sure it’ll happen on any Android device.
And yes, support is often slow in responding. That’s unfortunately a nuisance. You may try to call them. Probably it’s faster and more helpful then in your case.


Yes that sounds strange. @Mariannevl Of course when auto-rotate is off, and you turn the phone, you get the override button in the bottom right corner. Might you be touching that by accident?

Runabout128’s microphone issue when using speakers (keywords to follow: handsfree, noise cancellation) has been reported before, there’s a workaround apparently, see this list of known issues which is maintained here.


Wow you just made me realize this is why I have some trouble being understood properly from time to time. As a lefty, it never occurred to me that the microphone would be somewhere else than on the bottom. :smiley:


I don’t uderstand what this means actually :wink:

Yes I see that button sometimes in the bottom corner. But I do not understand why it s there … And yes it turns as I turn the phone. But it does not turn the screen necesseraly
But it seems so unlogic to mehow this phone functions …

OldRoutard, this link does not go anywhere … did you know? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Following the link I see the expected, a forum topic listing known issues

Okay right! Thanks :blush:

For me that’s a helpful function. When auto-rotation is turned off then the phone does (obviously) not turn the screen when you turn the device. But in case you turn the device this icon appears and gives you the ability to turn the screen on one fingertip if you want to do it in this special moment/just this time.


I Agree with Googlemaps problem. I am not even having a case but if I use maps and use other apps during turn the screen off and just listening to the directions. The phone can’t handle this and I don’t know really why.

Exactly my thoughts about rotation that @OldRoutard suggests. E.g. touching the manually rotate icon with your left little finger unintentionally. You mention the sensitivity of the screen (one large touchscreen). ’ I’ve been there, done that (unintentionally touching the icon), wasn’t impressed ’ :grin:

Also when I want to tap a certain icon it often activates the neighboring icon. Of course it could be my hand eye coordination. I haven’t got that big fingers :pinched_fingers:

Regarding the microphone, I guess there are three of these: top, left and bottom.

‘I don’t think that I have any issues with the microphone.’
The line above (all inside the single quotation marks) was automatically written by Google using the microphone icon on the keyboard. Btw. I’m Danish🇩🇰
What I miss generally is the ability to prompt Google to insert punctuation marks and new lines (paragraph) verbally.
Perhaps that’s in the pipeline for future versions of android :grin:

Coming from an hTc U12+, I guess I have to adapt to a new and little smaller phone. Cannot say that I’m annoyed.
Great phone.

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The Google maps overheat i also experienced only my phone was stone cold and still got the overheat message. I had a support ticket open for it. I was asked to try in safe mode and there there was no problem. After rebooting again in normal mode it miraculously disappeared. :smiley:


@Irinel_Turturea that is funny! I never got an answer tot this particular problem … (overheat)
Maybe I should try reboot. But I have the feeling that is the answer to every question I send to the support …

Exactly! And in my case it sometimes writes in a completely strenge language also …

Thanks. I use it during work (nurse at homeservice) so I really need the screen as well in foreign areas

Hmm :thinking:

I’ve just tried to use Ukranian keyboard combined with my Danish voice to put in some text that way.
I can only conclude Ukranian ears were listening. It made absolutely no sense what it tried to write.
So that’s an issue too but not the phones fault.

And I don’t think it’s prepared to take any commands like inserting new lines or such.
But I’ll have a look at Google and share the news if I’m lucky. Odds are low I guess.

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