Fairphone 4 - how to find eID?

Dear all,

how can I find my eID of my Fairphone? Do you have any idea, if this might exist?

Thank ins advance!

Go to “Settings → About Phone → SIM status (sim slot 2)”.
Additionally, it’s written on the sticker on the side of your box.


Hi max_o

indeed I found it on the box, very small written, but it is not the same number as sim 2 in my phone. Thank you for your help!

That’s weird, it should match.
There are two additional numbers on the box, IMEI1 and IMEI2.
Do these two match the specifications of “Settings → About Phone → IMEI (sim slot x)“?
If they don’t you have probably the wrong box for your phone.
Best is to compare the printed serial number with the one you find under “Settings → About Phone → Model & Hardware → Serial number”.

Hmm, I opend the fon and found no serial number, just the two IMEI numbers.

And the serial number on the box is not written in the fon information under setting… about …

But the EID worked now and I could connect to the telekom account I wanted to connect to my eSIM.

It seems to be all a bit strange - I agree with you.

Go to Settings, About phone and then tap on Model and hardware. There you will find the serial number.

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