Fairphone 4 great, but lots of software issues

The community already printed its own cases

I have the feeling you expect too much at the moment from small companies like Fairphone, Shift phone, Rephone. To change the system out of the sick system not being one of the big player needs time and I think they already achieved a lot and they educate. If they want to survive they have to take one step after the other. So at the moment such phones are not usable for everyone and I’m not sure they will ever be when the people dont change their sometimes quite demanding expectations as well (not saying you have demanding expectations).

I agree with you that producing a proper hard case for the FP4 is probably out of scope for Fairphone, but I’d be first in line as well :upside_down_face:

I haven’t found a way to attach something like the Quad Lock Universal Adaptor and I’d really like that for cycling.
You can’t stick those on soft cases, I don’t trust the 3D printed ones yet and while I could sand off the soft touch surface on the back cover I don’t think those little notches can handle the forces… :pensive:

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I have the feeling that desire or being evangelical is simply not enough to make people change ingrained habits Yvonne. Fact is, for many many people our phones now play a key role in our day to day business lives. We need them to work and work reliably and consistently. If the so called ethical choice does not compete on a like for like basis it is not commercially viable.

You appear to be suggesting that I should be happy to receive an inferior product simply because it’s greener. That is like suggesting we do away with all forms or motorised transport and only ever use our legs. It’s a literal impossibility as society would fall apart and people would start dying in the streets.

In terms of reducing people’s demanding expectations, it seems to me that all people would like is replication what already exists! I do not want it to transport me to Mars on command, I simply want to protect it - to be actively greener!

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No thats not what I suggest. If I would suggest something, I would suggest, that we accept that Fairphone is not a good phone for everyone (yet) and if its not good for you for whatever reason, I suggest to go with a used other phone, there are thousands out there and there is nothing wrong to buy such.

It just does not make sense to produce different cases neither for FP nor any third Party company, because the selling numbers are too small.


And I’m pretty sure you need something different than YorkshireDave, so already two more models. I would love a bumper like the FP3 has, others like the cases available and so on…:upside_down_face:

If it protects the phone from being thrown off of a XC90 it’s probably sturdy enough for my gravel rides :smirk:
In all seriousness all I need is a case made out of hard plastic to glue something to, that seems to align quite nicely with @YorkshireDave s needs.

I don’t want to argue if there’s a market for it, but if they produce one I’ll take two please :smile:


Ok and this can be made of recycled materials?:wink:

So serious as well: what about “bothering” the “good” case manufacturer like Otterbox,ä, because when they get more and more requests they might change their mind and procude something? Seems more realistic to me than asking FP…

Sure, recycled plastic would be perfect :smiley:

I don’t think Otterbox or one of the other big case manufacturers will ever care about the FP4, there’s just no money in it for them.
But I think Fairphone cares about the FP4, so if someone would produce it I’d imagine it would be them. They also have the advantage of having designed it, the precise measurements are probably only a mouse click away :smirk:

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Everyone who buys FP is motivated to reduce their impact in this wasteful world of ours. Reducing waste is part of my DNA. I even went so far as to invent and patent a product that stop millions of kitchen and bathroom taps being needlessly changed every year through lack of spares. When designing it I listened to people who would use it, I took into account people’s real everyday needs rather than limit the design to just what I thought - and yet there was only me!

Perhaps I should give up, sell my FP and crawl back to Samsung…

Sorry, I do not agree that it is our duty to pester Otterbox due to a failure by the innovator.

This is now a pointless exchange so I shall not post here anymore. Thank you everyone for your input. :wave:


I have noticed overheat, terrible battery and lack of customisations and battery protectiom

It could be you have a defective unit. These overheating issues you mention are not common complains. It also depends to what phone you compare the battery life. iPhones have excellent battery life, especially in contrast to the battery size when compared to Android phones. Probably it’s a good idea to #contactsupport if overheating is something that happens often. You can also try safe mode, it may be an app that causes this. If you’re tech savvy you may also use adb tools to check the logs and CPU usage. I noticed that the Google app may cause some overheating. But that only happened 2 times so far.

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My Fph is new. It arrived right before a trip, where I used the old )Samsung) phone.
I added the charger and cable, from Fph, because those I had were less reliable than used to)

But now, charging Fph, it gets quite hot. Mostly on the left of the device.
I didn’t measure the temperature, but it’s really unpleasant holding that hot side. (And the phone refuses to float in mid-air, so I have to hold it. Do I?)

Is that normal behavior?

The cable is the ‘durable’ or ‘long life’ one. I was charging on the 18W usb outlet, not the usb-c 30W one.

Do I have a faulty device?
What should I do?

(Maybe charging with the Samsung stuff, even if it’s contacts won’t always fit immediately)

Edit: the Samsung doesn’t heat the Fairphone. The Fairphone ‘original’ charger put out some 18 Watt. Or on another connection : 30 Watt.
That is almost enough to charge a laptop battery. Fp4 was supposedly ‘ready for fast charging’. Apparently it doesn’t need the 18W. Samsung loads 2A at usb-voltage 5V, or 1.67A at 9V.
That is either 10Watt, or about 15W.
Not too far under 18.
What is going on?

I’m very happy with my FP4, especially the hardware seems really high-quality to me.
As for the software issues mentioned in the first post:
Issues 2 and 3 sound vaguely familiar.
As for 2, I also have noticed some such “ghost swipes”. But then again before I did not use the swiping keyboard (was on FP2 Open for recent years without that option), so I might just not be used to it yet.
As for 3, I have seen this, especially when I only press lightly; and as mentioned, it is triggered also by other parts than the fingertip touching the button. If I remove my finger/hand as soon as I notice the “rapid scan”, and then properly place one of the registered fingers (firmly) on the scanner, it typically works and unlocks properly. Edit - one more thing: as above it is mentioned to switch to the mode where fingerprint is only scanned when the screen is on - for me that already was the default, maybe that was changed since first release?

Regarding charging/overheating:

I have not noticed any overheat, and the battery charges quite quickly in comparison to previous phones (~45 minutes for a charge from 20% to 90% or so). I’m using the FP charger; I haven’t extensively tested this yet, but from my impressions so far it seems that charging speed is the same, no matter if I use the A port (up to 18 W) or the C port (up to 30 W) though, and the mobile phone gets maybe slightly warm but definitely not hot.

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Why is it a problem just using a QR code App? Preferable offline.

I don’t want another app so I’m happy


Thank you. I was just wondering…

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