Fairphone 4 delivery? January / Feb / Mar

To the OP: Yeah, I am also bummed by a three weeks bump-up in delivery time (December here). I understand what is going on; it’s all the same inconvenient.

Not quite as inconvenient as having to order a Google Pixel 6 from France or Germany, then rely on additional service to receive it and forward it to you. Then, if anything goes wrong, the phone goes all the way back through that same route for repairs or rma, then you also have communicate with people on the other end. And, rest assured, both German and French services will unlikely speak English with you.

To the rest: I am also a prospective new FP4-er. Long story short, I want an Android One phone, as my S10 is driving me nuts ever since Janury 2020. I wanted to go for Google Pixel 6, but guess what… Google considers most of Western Europe to be the middle of the bumf*** nowhere. So there goes that option. As a fellow techie, I hope to make do with FP4.


I’ll get mine tomorrow (8GB, 256GB) :slight_smile:


Very nice! Is it green or grey or speckled green? When and where did you order? :smiley:


It should be grey. I ordered it via https://circleshop.ch/fairphone/, got news earlier today, and can get it in one of their shops tomorrow :slight_smile:



I ordered my grey 128GB version end of October (The Netherlands) and I’ve just received a mail it’ll be delivered in the next few days :smiley:

When I ordered it, the delivery time was estimated to be the 1st or 2nd week of January.

Which is great, because my current phone is driving me nuts because the battery is freaking out at times being at 50% charge and randomly shutting down the next moment :frowning:



… and here it is – delivered on the last day = yesterday:

And if anyone has a »solution for the other two«, please let me know! ; )


You could offer them in the Market section :wink: There have been quite some messages from people who are looking for a second-hand FP lately.


Fairphone takes them back to recycle them. So do some shops e.g. here in Switzerland.

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Just an update that things are much the same. One of my daughters ordered the speckled one on 25th Dec and was given a 12 week eta.

I ordered my speckled green on 31th Oct. and received the following message:


I ordered the green FP4 on the 21st of November and received a similar email with a delivery indicated for the last days of January. Hooray!

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