Fairphone 4 delivery? January / Feb / Mar

Perhaps you could describe what is wrong with your FP2 to help you make it last a few weeks longer? Yes, it is frustrating that there seem to be problems with the delivery of the new phones. But Fairphone isn’t the only company with such problems at the moment.


I posted in another part of this forum, the microphone no longer works and bottom modules are no longer available. Subsequent to that the little buttons have fallen out of the case and one has been lost. It randomly reboots. The batteries I have for it, which are themselves replacements seem dodgy as battery life is now very variable.

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I have a blue case where a piece of one corner is missing. All buttons are there and it is still usable. If you PM me your address I can send it to you.


I doubt it. The FP3 seems fine.


That answers quite well why you cannot compare FP2 and FP3 (and most likely FP4)

Also you can hardly compare modular phones with normal glued phones.

Btw my FP2 is running since 5 years without big issues and I don’t handle it very carefully


There seem to be much less problems with the FP3. The FP2 was the first modular smartphone ever. I have mine since February 2016 and I still think it is a really cool device. But I have ordered a FP4 too because the FP2 reboots more and more often. But it is still usable and also the software is with LineageOS 18.1/Android 11 up to date. I’m sure the FP4 is great :star_struck:.


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I have an FP3 and am quite happy with it. Much better quality and reliability than my old FP2 :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting. The mic of my FP2 is dead, too :frowning:
And because of some more reasons I ordered the FP4 one month ago, on September 30, 2021 – and now? I have to wait… and to wait… and to wait …
That was not the deal ; (

And what was the deal according to your pre-order comfirmation? What is the estimated delivery date according to it?


I ordered it – and paid directly via Giropay – just a few hours (or minutes? ;)) after this live presentation and the “airing of the secret” of the FP4: Fairphone Livestream: The NEXT LEVEL OF FAIR - YouTube

Can’t find the timestamp in this recording where maybe the delivery date was announced – where I remember hearing or reading within that in the beginning of November (and not later…).

Now I found this: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048030652-When-will-I-receive-my-pre-order-

  • It was possible to place a pre-order the Fairphone 4 5G and the Fairphone 4 True Wireless Earbuds via our online shop between September 30, 2021 and October 25, 2021.
  • Pre-order means that you order and pay now and receive your order in a few weeks.
  • We expect the new Fairphone products in our warehouse from October 25.

Also just checked: there is no delivery time specified in my order.
A week ago I contacted FP via Twitter. Their answer: »If you placed a pre-order for the Fairphone 4 you will soon be provided with an estimated delivery date via email«.

Therefore: I am still waiting for this email :slight_smile:

… still having this problem (among others) with my FP2:

A few weeks in the UK means at least three weeks. If you ordered on 30th Sept that five weeks ~ well give them another day :frowning: but sadly I would have hope by now to get a personal notification. Probably some unexpected delays in shipping but would be nice to know if they have reached the warehouse in the EU yet.

Clearly Fairphone’s ‘few’ is more than three even by their own statement it was four (30th Sept - 25th Oct plus sending to customers) ~ Ok only a week behind the spiel.

Of course they didn’t say which model would be available on 25th Oct :frowning:

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I saw someone on Twitter who got their FP4 today and they don’t seem like some youtube tech reviewer/news outlet who got a device in advance but like a normal customer.

Edit: that person didn’t specify the device, it might be an FP3+, not FP4 :wink:
And yeah, it was an FP3+, sorry.

So there was no deal here as far as I can tell, this sounds quite normal for new products.


Today I wanted to buy the Green 256GB version with shipping to Bulgaria, but the shipping was for end of January. After that I checked and it was the same for all versions of the phone including 128GB gray.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen such a long shipping time for anything I wanted ot buy online. And I’m assuming they take the entire payment upfront, so what happens if I change my mind while waiting, for ~ 3 months. I really wanted the new Fairphone, but I’ll hold off for now, as this shipping time is a dealbreaker for me atm.

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Hi welcome to the forum…
Yes the delay is disappointing for many people.

Regarding payment. You have up to 14 days after you receive the phone to return for a full refund with no explanation on your part, this clearly means you can ask Fairphone to return the funds anytime before you receive the phone too.


Same with mine, which is 2 years old. The microphone is completely out of order (no spare parts available!!) and the whole phone doesn’t work properly since months, it tends to react slower and slower. I get messages like “System-UI reagiert nicht” x times a day. Besides, the battery capacity was poor since the first day and it often gets hot while processing.
I really love the idea behind Fairphone but in the meantime I have to admit I’m really pissed because of all the trouble with my FP2 :unamused:
My FP1 was great, by the way… But couldnt be updated any more :woman_shrugging:

Hi klink

Regarding the mic have you considered getting it fixed by a shop

and as regards the slowness, can you save any personal info and do a factory reset maybe.