Fairphone 4 Cost Breakdown

What about FP4 cost breakdown as FP3 one?
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You may like to ask Fairphone, this is only a user forum :slight_smile:
try support@fairphone doot coom

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As is evident from the link to the earlier topic, this shouldn’t be important here :wink: .

The cost breakdown wasn’t ready at release for the Fairphone 3, let alone before release.
Mind the date of your question about the Fairphone 3 and the date of the answer … but perhaps it won’t take this long again, we’ll see.


If I remember correctly, Eva (FP’s CEO) said during the launch event that the cost breakdown is coming in the future. IIRC it won’t come before 25th October.


Currently I even can’t find the cost breakdown for FP3 or FP2, the Impact Report Vol 2 is no longer available, and the current website doesn’t hold that information.

Does anyone have a working source for that data?

Or has FP come to the conclusion that the cost breakdown was a bit “too transparent”…?

You can find the cost breakdown for the Fairphone 3 in this discussion with WebArchive:

For the FP2 and the FP1 there are still downloads on the Fairphone server:
GB-Cost-Breakdown-Full - Fairphone2-Cost-Breakdown.pdf


Thanks a lot! Downloaded those right away. Note that with every generation, the breakdown gets less detailed…

Also, this can only be a snapshot as all those figures certainly vary every month, especially with the current semiconductor and transportation crisis. Does anyone know whether FP is having any advantage in this regard, due to its non-mainstream supply chain…?

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