Fairphone 4 case & Alternatives

The official FP4 Flipcase just arrived.

Here’s what I noticed so far:

  • The plastic the Shell is made of is significantly harder than that of the regular case. This means it cannot be bent as easily, which ensures a firm fit despite the edge not being continuous. This also makes the phone a bit harder to remove from the case, but within reasonable bounds.
  • There is in fact a hole for the microphone on the Phone’s left edge. It appears it was simply not included in the marketing renders uploaded to the FP Website.
  • The card holder comfortably fits one ID card. A secondone fits in there quite firmly. Inserting a third one is challenging but doable. It seems the slot was designed for a single card, but the fabric might well expand a bit if you put more than one card at once into the slot. I’m not sure ho easily the seam will break if you push it too much. I honestly don’t intend to find out.
  • The surface is matte, as is the surface of the original case, so it feels quite nice when holding it imo.
  • At least subjectively the edge of the shell is pretty flush with the screen, so you probably shouldn’t put it down on rough surfces face down with an open flap, but that’s what the flap is for I guess.
  • The flap fits on the screen pretty perfectly.
  • The fabric connecting the flappy part with the shell is reasonably soft. I did a few drop tests ob my bed (soft underground, so the Phone’s protected) from 1-2m of height. Since there’s no magnet holding the flap in place, it usually opens up furing the fall (except if dropped face-down with clesed flap and no rotational impulse), but it actually landed face down with lid open the minority of times. I guess there’s a bit of luck involved in how you drop your phone. What the flap still provides is scratch-protection wheb the phone is placed face-down on a surface.
  • The black stripe on the inside if the flap is some kind of cutout revealing black fabri underneath. At first I thought this was there to provide some transparency for the light sensor, but that does not appear to be the case. Maybe the black surface is needed for the proximity sensor to trigger correctly. Interestingly it aplears, the stripe is not alligned with the selfie camera/upper edge of the display, but is already located on the upper end of the display itself (below the camera notch).
  • As for the FP5-Fit of the FP4-Flipcase I have not test device at hand at the moment, but I imagine many of the allignment issues would be gone when the FP5 is inserted into the case, as there are mostly long open stripes along the edges instead of exact cutouts (except for the left microphone). Also the slight camera misallignment will obviously persist. Since the FP4 soft case did fit reasonably well into the FP4 standard case during the last meetup ecxept for the mentioned misallignments, it may be worth a try to see how bad it is. Maybe we can arrange a little test with your device some day @Volker? Also the favt that the FP5 camera sticks out further from the devive itself should be managable, as there’s a bit of space left on the back - the FP4 camera is not flush with the back of the shell.
  • Also a cosmetic note: There’s a glossy ‘Change is in your hand’ written on the matte inside that’s hidden once the Phone is inserted. Othe than that there’s a little ‘FAIRPHONE’ logo cutout on the bottom front of the flap’s outside.
  • As for the durability we’ll have to wait a bit. For now the case seems reasonably stirdy. I guess tge two thibgs that have the nost potential to fail would be the seam if the cardholder as well as the triangular fabrick part glued to the back of the shell. (It’s glued in a partial-cutout, so that its more or less flush with the backside of the rest of the shell btw). But we’ll have to wait and see for more on that.

I can provide some Photos of the case with the Phone inserted later on, when I have a different camera at hand, that’s not inside the Phone in the case. For now the Photos of the case itself will have to do. :wink:

Also I will gladly post an update if I notice anything else of relevance or forgot something.

Hope that helped. :slight_smile: