Fairphone 4 case & Alternatives

Finally a hard case I can glue a SP Connect Interface to for cycling :tada:

Thanks for that link and welcome to the community :smiley:


This case looks awesome!

What’s it called?
Is it on sale somewhere?

It needs to be 3D-printed. The model is by @stefantinescu:

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Yes it is sellable on Amazon - Link on the Biowaves homepage or this one:


Hello Fairphone users!

I’m trying to find a good flip case for the Fairphone 4, but sadly enough I haven’t found one yet (I haven’t bought the phone yet, but when I buy the phone I want to have a good flip case to protect all sides of the phone).

I know Anna Treurniet sells handmade (vegan) flip cases ( Vegan Black Fairphone 4 flip case book type), but these are without an inner case and without a hard edge at the back. Seventy euros for just a piece of fabric that has been stitched in the right side is a little bit too much, I think. And with this case it’s also not possible to quickly put the phone out and back in again.

Does somebody know where you can get a good fair flip case for the Fairphone 4?

My requirements are:

  • Flip case
  • Produced in a fair way (handmade or not)
  • No leather (faux leather, cotton or nylon is good)
  • An inner case for the Fairphone.
  • A sturdy/strong back

Does Fairphone provide a 3D model for the inner case? I believe this is needed if someone wants to manufacture a case for the phone.

Or does someone know where you can get custom handmade flip cases?

Thanks in advance,

- Scott Trakker

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Hi Scott and welcome. I moved your post to an existing, so please see above especially for 3D printable models, else also have a look here

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I just ordered the HAPPER STUDIO leather sleeve from Amazon.

My FP4 hasn’t arrived yet, but I figure this would be best to protect it in my pocket. I will know in a few weeks.

I’ve been using a rugged phone for the past few years, so I haven’t worried about a case in a long time.

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Thanks for the suggestion!
The HAMA Smart Move XXL seems indeed interesting!

Hi all. Im considering buying the fairphone 4. However i daily a motorcycle and live in a rainy country. I know use quadlock, but since they dont make a fairphone case, i would need to buy a case which i could put an QL adapter on. That is also waterproof. Are there any motorcycle riders that have figured out a good option?

I would love to hear your opinions

Welcome to the community :wave:

I’ve moved your post to this existing topic. Sadly there isn’t a waterproof case available yet.
Check out the Biowave case mentioned above, that is at least a hard case. I just received mine and have glued a SP Connect Interface to it. QL also just use a 3M pad to attach to the case, should work the same.
I’ll test it to tomorrow and will report back if the case is suitable for that usecase :slightly_smiling_face:

If you absolutely need a waterproof case, SP Connect offer a waterproof Universal Phone Case, but since you are already in the Quad Lock ecosystem you probably don’t want to change over…


Allright, here’s a short review of the Biowave case in combination with a SP Connect Universal Interface (and Handlebar Mount Pro MTB).


  • Great fit, the FP4 slots into the case without a problem
  • Raised border around the screen, protects it when not aiming for single rocks
  • Buttons are still easy to press
  • Pleasant surface, feels organic for lack of a better word
  • The Universal Interface has bonded nicely to the case


  • As expected quite a bit bulkier and heavier (case + interface ~43g)
  • Somehow even less grip than the aluminium frame
  • A bit finicky to remove


  • Without a screen protector that raised edge interferes with gesture controls and that is already starting to annoy me
  • No indication where the case was made, but a similar iPhone 11/12/13 case sold by the same company (under a different brand name) is clearly marked as “Made in China”
  • Fake Amazon reviews, or how come 4 of 8 reviewers all reviewed that iPhone case mentioned above and somehow all have switched to a FP4 now :triangular_flag_on_post:

TL;DR: I’m quite happy with the case, seems well built and works great with the Universal Interface. Time will tell if that combination survives a few thousand kilometres of bumpy roads, I’m optimistic it will.
Wouldn’t use it as an always on case though, way to chunky.
Since it’s a bit hard to remove I’ve instead bought a Universal Phone Clamp for a family member, that would be my recommendation for light cycling use, but only really usable without a case.


Thanks for the awnsers and testing! Im going to consider this option!

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Hi -
Does anybody have an idea about a solid, shockproof cover for the FP4 ?
I just found the standard plastic ones on the net…
I mean Otterbox style or similar, really reliable and keeps your phone safe when it drops…


No and I already asked LifeProof (which is owned by Otterbox) about it and they do not plan on making a case for the Fairphone anytime soon…
One of the reasons I’m less interested in the fairphone.

Here’s a link to the answer I got:

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The Biowaves one is a Hardcase - see posts above. A real good protective case.

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Has anyone found any clear case so far?

The FP4 - IMO at least - looks quite beautiful with it’s aluminum edge but removable back. I hate to hide it, but it seems all cases including the official ones come only in opaque. :frowning:


Is there a page about these Biowaves that is in dutch or English?

From the Canadian Group, I think its not yet mentioned here


Thanks @yvmuell for forwarding the info. Here are some pictures of the case made by the Swedish business named “Bark”.


That Looks awesome
What do you think