Fairphone 4: Camera software

:thinking: What are Gcam ports?

GCam ist short for the Google Camera App, which is known for bringing (nearly) the best out of the Pixel cameras sensor. And they are ported by some enthusiasts to other phones with the same sensor as one of the Pixel phones. Therefore ‚gcam ports‘.


Not properly related to the camera software, but it could be.

On the specs of the FP4 website there are f1.6 and f2.2 aperture values for main and ultra wide angle respectively.

But checking the exif data, after a photo is taken, I see f1.8 and f2.8 in my FP4.

It could be a software issue or at some point they changed the lens modules?

Not something that bothers me too much, since on smartphones lenses the aperture is pretty meaningless.

Just curious if also you get the same aperture values.

I use my fp4 daily at work for taking pictures and yt videos…
It’s not terrible…but not brilliant either.

I posted links to so “sample videos” In a different topic a while ago

I usw this one

Works perfectly fine!

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