Fairphone 4 256GB/8GB [SOLD !]

Hi i’m selling my Fairphone 4 256GB/8GB that i have got as a gift, it’s a new device with the extended waranty till 22 martch 2028, the device has just putting on for to take pictures.

The price inlike to ask would be €450 + shipping only into th EU.

Hi and welcome to the forum

it’s customary to at least show the current date to show it is working today, not a generic picture of an FP4.

Secondly ensure you pass on the original bill of sale and receipt from you to the buyer so they will have evidence of a authorised ownership.

All the best

Hi, the device is into the box this is not a generic picture it was taking yesterday. I dont have the bill only the shipping document from Fairphone the device was replace of my old one that was broke by Fairphone itself but i dont have got any bill from it. I will see i take a new picture today but i dont like to use the device and keep it into the box.

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