Fairphone 3 won't turn on

my fairphone 3, bought in march 2020, went dead yesterday, even though the battery was charged: it won’t turn on. The LED above the screen (which normally lights up blue) no longer lights up at all.
when i plug the phone in to charge it, a green LED lights up at the top of the screen.
if I press the start button for a long time, it vibrates after about 10 seconds.
I’ve tried various things, which haven’t worked: I charged the phone overnight; I took the battery out and put it back in; I reheated the phone with a hairdryer; I tightened the screen, which was a bit detached. nothing has changed.
I have all my data on it, unsaved, and I absolutely need to recover it.
could you help me please?

I wrote to the support team but they answered that their current reply time is about 8-9 working days! i don’t have another phone, and i don’t have money to buy a new one…

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I’m afraid there is no fast help, as your phone is probably suffering from the sudden death phenomena, that can’t be healed easily. If that’s the case, an electronic part on the mainboard need to be replaced, maybe some skilled repair shop can help you.


Not sure its a sudden death, as the LED still works when plugged in, thats normally not the case.also it still vibrates.

I would check the screen first before I conclude complete death.

Maybe you have an angel close that can check modules with you



Thank you very much to Both of you. I Will try to Check the screen.
I very much hope to get my data back.

I very much regret fairphone’s poor after-sales service,. The after-sales service should be particularly meticulous, given the type of products (you have to help those who have a phone to keep it, when there’s no store that can repair it! before launching new products!)

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